How To Spot Quality Ankara Material

Ankara is the favourite clothing material for millions of Nigerian women and it’s known all over the world as the vibrant, unique and elegant fabric. Bad Ankara fabric can spoil your whole look, so check out the most effective ways to spot good Ankara material!

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1. Cotton

These days you can see the beautiful Ankara prints on all kinds of fabrics. Ankara clothes made of silk, jersey, satin, denim, and other materials are not at all rare. However, while these alternative fabrics can look great, the only way to get genuine Ankara is to look for 100% cotton.

2. Resistance

Ankara fabric with a high quality paint job displays excellent resistance. Unlike low quality materials, good Ankara won’t be scratched or damaged from accidental abrasive movements. You can test it by lightly scratching the fabric with your nail or a coin to see whether there’s a mark.

3. Water

While patterned Ankara seems like a very dense fabric, it’s actually pure cotton, which is why it needs to display the qualities of cotton – namely, being able to instantly absorb water and dry equally fast. Submerge your Ankara fabric into water to check its quality!

The way Ankara reacts to water is also the reason why it’s so popular in Africa. With fabric that dries quickly and gives a pleasant cooling sensation while it’s drying on your body, there is no better material to wear on hot days when you need to wash clothes often.

4. Plain weave

Ankara material is famously durable, and the main reason for its durability is the plain weave. Plain weave is believed to be one of the toughest fabric types in the world. If you want your new Ankara outfit to last you for years, look for a plain weave as a sign of quality.

5. Strength

Thanks to the use of plain weave and the nature of cotton thread, Ankara fabric is famously very strong. It’s widely used not only in sewing clothes, but also in creating accessories like handbags and shoes thanks to its ability to withstand extensive wear without tearing.

6. Soft touch

Despite all of its strength and resilience, Ankara material is one of the softest ones to touch. Perhaps, the easiest way to tell if you’re looking at high quality Ankara fabric is to simply touch it. You can do this test in just a few seconds!

Give the Ankara fabric you plan to buy a pat. If the material is smooth and soft, can be easily crumpled and quickly restores its shape, it means that the Ankara you’re holding in your hands is top quality material and will be great to work with and wear!

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