Tips To Consider When Buying Used Cars In Nigeria

Buying a car is an important step in anyone’s life. More and more buyers today opt for used cars in Nigeria, and it’s not really surprising: second hand cars for sale in Nigeria are always more affordable and usually come in a great condition. Find out how to make the right choice when shopping for a used car!

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1. Make and model

Most of us have a favourite car make and model that we’ve loved for years, but the car you’ve been dreaming of is not necessarily the car you want to buy. When choosing your new car model, consider not only its appearance and iconic status, but also practicality.

Some beautiful sports and exotic cars can be deceivingly cheap, but maintenance and repair of those vehicles will likely cost you a fortune. On the other hand, a humble and reliable Toyota or Honda can initially cost more, but they’re very easy and cheap to maintain and repair.

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2. Finances

If you’ve finally saved some money and are prepared to buy a used car, it’s important to budget your purchase correctly. You can’t just throw every naira you have towards buying a new ride – there are many additional expenses to consider.

In addition to paying for the car itself, you will also likely have to cover paperwork expenses and lawyer services if you want to ensure the deal goes smoothly. Plus, you need to set aside some money for immediate repairs that aren’t uncommon in used cars.

3. Price

The best way to ensure you pay a fair price for your new car is to research and compare prices for similar models. The price depends on many factors, including whether it’s a Nigeria-used vehicle or a Tokunbo car with minimal signs of wear.

4. Resale value

If you want to buy cars in Nigeria to resale them after a few months or years of use, pay attention to their resale value, as you don’t want to lose your hard earned money on the sale. Popular cars like Toyota, Ford, and Honda hold their resale value better than some ultra-popular cars of the year.

5. Mileage

When looking for used cars for sale in Nigeria, some people only pay attention to the production year. However, mileage is an even more important parameter. A car can be over a decade old, but with a 50,000km mileage it’s going to be in a better condition than a 5-year old car with 100,000km on its odometer.

6. Communication

After you’ve settled on a car you want to buy, it’s time to contact the seller! Your job here is to be attentive and ask all relevant questions prior to making a deal. Don’t forget to schedule a test drive and take a professional car mechanic with you to know for sure whether the car is in a decent condition.

7. Where to buy?

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