Top 7 Good Budget Cars In Nigeria

We would all love to own luxury or exotic cars, but those cars are far outside the budget of an average Nigerian buyer. Want to own a great car without going broke? Here are 7 amazing budget cars you can buy in Nigeria right now!

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1. Toyota Corolla

There is a reason why the Toyota Corolla has broken the record for the top selling car in the world. Despite its very attractive price, the Corolla is famously reliable and easy to maintain. Plus, it has one of the highest resale values if you decide to upgrade it for another model later.

2. Kia Picanto

Only a few years ago you wouldn’t see Kia in the list of the best budget cars in Nigeria, but now it’s impossible to ignore the exceptional quality, gorgeous styling, and low prices of the Kia Picanto, the ultimate city car with outstanding fuel economy characteristics.

3. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus was unveiled exactly 20 years ago, and in that time it has managed to become a mainstay of the budget car market. It’s equally loved by experienced drivers and novice owners for its precise handling, fuel efficiency, and the perfect size for everyday use.

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4. Honda Civic

You’re not likely to find a brand new Civic on the list of budget cars in 2018, but if you’re searching for an affordable yet very capable car, look for an older used Honda Civic. You’ll instantly fall in love with its look, but the performance and easy maintenance are two other big reasons to love the Civic.

5. Nissan Altima

The highly popular budget car Nissan Altima has a lot to offer to its buyers. Some love its timeless and classic design that won’t lose its charm for decades. Others value the Altima’s generous cabin and cargo space. In any case, the Altima is a fantastic choice of a cheap ride!

6. Volkswagen Golf

It’s not surprising that starting from its first generation, the Volkswagen Golf has achieved an iconic status. Regardless of which out of seven generations of the Golf you go for, you’ll end up with a highly practical, powerful, and fuel efficient car that won’t break your bank.

7. Hyundai Accent

It didn’t take the Hyundai Accent too long to win over the Nigerian buyers. Even a 2004 Accent will give you the outstanding performance, safety characteristics, and comfortable ride you’re looking for in a car. This is a great budget car for family drivers!

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