What To Wear If You Are Plus Sized: Top 10 Tips

Today fashion is getting more and more inclusive. Beautiful plus size styles are no longer rare, but it can be still hard to know how to dress right for your body type. Check out our plus size style guide and find out exactly what to wear if you’re curvy!

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1. Master the colour play

We know from fashion and makeup that dark colours conceal, while lighter shades highlight. Use this trick to accentuate the features of your figure you want to stand out and conceal the ones you’re not too proud of.

For example, a light belt over a dark dress is a fantastic way to bring out your waist, while dark jeans or leggings underneath a white top will make your thighs and legs look slimmer. This colour blocking technique also works in plus size formal dresses.

2. Don’t be afraid of patterns

While looking for plus size dresses and other garments, you’ve probably been warned against wearing patterns. However, patterns can be your best friend if you choose them right! Go for smaller patterns instead of big ones and watch them transform your figure for the better.

3. Invest in underwear

Even the most expertly designed plus size garment won’t look right on you if you don’t have a good foundation for your look. High quality, perfectly fitted underwear and shapewear can make your whole look and allow clothes to fit your body better than ever.

4. It’s all about the fit

One of the key plus size style tips is that clothes need to fit you perfectly. Forget the advices telling you to wear clothes that conceal your belly or other body parts – the result can be far from ideal. A beautifully fitted dress with a visible belly is much better than a shapeless robe where your curves can’t be seen.

5. Determine your body type

Plus-sized bodies aren’t created equal – there are plus-size body types. Each curvy body type has their own specific set of tips and tricks for creating flattering looks, which is why it’s so important to know whether you have an hourglass, triangle, round, rectangle figure, or other body type.

6. Nothing is out of question

Plus-sized ladies are often told that certain garments are not for them. The truth is that you can wear absolutely anything you want: there are plenty of plus size jumpsuits, leggings, crop tops, mini plus size skirts and shorts for every body type and figure.

7. Dress in monochrome

A great plus size fashion trick that will not only highlight your body, but also make you feel super confident is going monochrome. Monochrome outfit is an outfit consisting of different shades of the same colour. Top your look off with a colourful accessory to make it stand out.

8. Choose the right shoes

A pair of shoes can either make or break your whole outfit. Try to avoid ankle straps and shoes that end around your ankle – they can make your legs look short and stumpy. Neutral pumps elongate and slim down your legs, allowing you to look taller and thinner.

9. Tailor your clothes

This is a fashion rule that works for all body types, especially plus size figures. To make your plus size skirts, blouses, dresses, jumpsuits, and jeans fit you perfectly, either take them to a professional tailor or learn to alter your clothes yourself – it’s not as intimidating as it seems!

10. Have a go-to outfit

Most plus-size looks require planning and going over several versions. That’s why it’s important to have one or more go-to outfits that you can wear when you don’t have the time to design a new look. Dark wash skinny jeans with a flattering top are an excellent choice!

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