Zobo Drink And Fertility: Everything You Need To Know

Zobo drink, made from Hibiscus flowers, is a refreshing beverage that is known not only for its delicious taste, but also for its health benefits. How exactly are zobo drink and fertility connected? Find out everything about zobo drink and pregnancy right now!

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1. Zobo drink and male fertility

Infertility is often believe to be exclusively a woman’s problem. However, the truth is that in 30% of the couples who struggle to conceive a baby, the problem is the man’s infertility. There are many medicinal ways to boost male fertility, but it’s always better to start with natural solutions.

Sperm count and motility are two main factors affecting a man’s fertility, and both of those factors can be positively influenced by regular consumption of zobo drink. To achieve an even better effect, pair zobo drink with fresh or dried ginger.

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2. Zobo drink and female fertility

The issue of how to boost fertility in women largely depends on the question of how to boost ovulation. You should know that zobo drink is not the answer to this question. It affects female fertility in a way that is completely different from its effect on male fertility.

In most cases, zobo drink has little to no effect on a woman’s fertility. However, in some cases it can even lower your fertility. Luckily, this condition is not permanent: as soon as you quit drinking zobo drink every day, your chances of conceiving will go back up.

3. Zobo drink and pregnancy

If you’re newly pregnant or want to have a baby in the nearest future, you’re probably wondering: is zobo drink good for a pregnant woman? It’s worth knowing that there aren’t too many benefits of zobo drink in pregnancy, while there are plenty of side effects.

Is zobo good for pregnant woman? The only valuable benefit of zobo drink comes from its content of antioxidants, which can protect the woman and the baby from the harmful influence of the environment.

There are two major side effects of zobo drink on pregnant women. First, it slows down the production of oestrogen, which is a crucial hormone for a healthy pregnancy. Second, hibiscus flowers can actually lead to bleeding from the uterus and a miscarriage or premature labour.

Still looking for an answer to the question: “Can a pregnant woman take zobo drink?” If you can’t live without it, then don’t drink more than 1 glass of zobo drink a day and never consume zobo before starting your second trimester!

4. Zobo drink and breastfeeding

While breastfeeding a baby, you need to carefully watch your diet. For this reason, zobo drink isn’t recommended to use while you’re breastfeeding. It can lead to allergies, anemia, and low blood pressure. Plus, hibiscus is rich in caffeine, which can lead to the baby being restless and overactive.

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