5 Bedroom Duplex Designs In Nigeria

A five-bedroom duplex is the real estate dream for millions of Nigerians. A big house is not only a sign that you made it in life, but also a great way to keep your family together. Are you dreaming of your own beautiful duplex in Nigeria? Check out these 5 bedroom duplex designs in Nigeria!

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1. Should you move to a duplex?

There are thousands of popular modern duplex house designs in Nigeria right now, but those who have never lived in a duplex are still deciding whether it’s right for them. If you’re not sure whether a 5 bedroom duplex design works for your family, check out the pros and cons of living in a duplex.


  • You can become a property investor by renting a part of your duplex out to tenants – this can not only be your extra income, but also help you pay off the loan faster;
  • Duplexes are more affordable compared to detached houses and bungalows, which means you can get a bigger square footage for the same price;
  • Duplexes are usually built in flourishing areas – by living in a duplex you will likely have instant access to all necessary infrastructure, and the neighbourhood will be safe and secure.


  • Bigger property means more complicated maintenance: a 5-bedroom duplex has many things that can go wrong and it will be your job to take care of them;
  • If you decide to rent a part of your house to tenants, it will bring the common downsides of living with tenants – most importantly, limited privacy and possible conflicts with the people living under your roof.

Despite the few disadvantages of living in a duplex, more and more Nigerian families choose duplexes as their dream homes. Find your own affordable 5-bedroom duplex for sale in Nigeria on Jiji!

2. How much does a 5-bedroom duplex cost?

Before ordering your 5 bedroom duplex building plan and proceeding with building a foundation for your new home, you need to make sure you can afford the house. Generally, the price of a duplex largely depends on the location, but additional amenities like pool, jacuzzi, fitted kitchen, and security can also contribute to the price.

The cost of 5 bedroom duplex in Nigeria in the most prestigious areas of Lagos and Abuja can cost you somewhere between ₦100 million and ₦170 million for a state-of-the-art home. A more affordable 5-bedroom duplex can cost from ₦70 million to ₦100 million. Finally, if you want to do the construction on your own, you can buy a land plot designed for a 5-bedroom duplex for about ₦25 million.

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3. Latest duplex designs in Nigeria

Even the most detailed duplex house plans can’t give you a full picture of what your new house is going to look like – you need to check out some duplex designs in Nigeria to decide on the appearance of your own duplex. Here are some of the most amazing 5-bedroom duplex designs for your inspiration!

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