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Ankara Free Gowns: The Best Collection For Your Uncompromising Comfort!

Amazing and vivid African fashion is developing itself every year, presenting you the styles that flatter your curves and bring out your beauty and unique features of your character. Many ladies just love it wearing something that looks beautiful and emphasizes the beauty of their body!

And Ankara free gowns is that «something», a salvation for those who live to be stylish but do not want to compromise comfort.

We proudly present you latest Ankara free gown styles – a great solution for the fashionistas, who love freedom!

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1. Ankara free dresses: the latest styles

Believe us – this trend takes serious positions in the 2018 spring-summer season. That’s why you just can’t miss these styles!

There are many free dress models that are in trend now. And no matter how familiar these silhouettes can be, designers always managed to interpret them so that you can meet so original and interesting ideas that look completely new and unexpected!

2. Trendy free Ankara gowns: the questions of choice

  • On a warm sunny day, you can choose free Ankara dresses in light pastel tones. These dresses will suit much for miniature girls, who wish to visually make their shapes more feminine.
  • Magnificent ladies should focus on the dark tones, as well as vertical prints, making their body visually slender and elongated.
  • The trend presents a wide palette of vibrant and rich shades of red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple or Turquoise. Classic black color is always on trend: it can create exquisite styles and the free black dress is no exception. Monochromatic ensembles remain in trend too and these dresses make a perfect combination with fishnet tights, casually knit leggings, knee-highs or stockings in bright colors.
  • Do not forget the various accessories, particularly the belts, they’re the perfect helpers in emphasizing the proportions of the female body. Thin girls fit thin straps, and magnificent ladies should focus on wide models.
  • As for the shoes, then it is best to choose the heels and wedge heels, in order to emphasize the fragile harmony of a tender look. Tall ladies can experiment with ballerina flats. But you should avoid shoes and massive sneakers if you want to create a tender look.

3. Free Ankara gown styles: the preferred materials

There are lots of light and elastic fabrics that fall beautifully, there are subtle drapings and warm materials such as cashmere and knitted fabric.

For the evening events and weddings, you should prefer lace, brocade or metallic fabric.

4. Free Ankara long gowns

The leading trend is free Ankara styles that are floor-length. These dresses look good with various jewelry – long-string beads, pendants and earrings, bracelets and brooches.

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