Aso Ebi Spotted At The Royal Wedding!

We decided to write this post about Nigerian wedding Aso Ebi styles after we heard the latest news. And it was amazing!

A Nigerian woman, dressed fashionably in native Aso Ebi outfit appeared at the posh royal wedding at Windsor grounds. She was, maybe, the only Nigerian guest who got an invitation. And she turned into the social media star already.

So let’s briefly discuss the event and dig into the latest trending Aso Ebi wedding styles you will definitely love!

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1. Intro

American actress Meghan Markle marched down the passageway of the chapel in Windsor Castle where she was going to tie the knot with Prince Harry in a stunning show of British splendor and spectacle.

This loud event was attended by the huge list of celebrities from all around the world including James Corden, Idris Elba, David Beckham, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and many-many others (2,640 people in general!).

As a tradition, Naija ladies paid their debt. Nigerian woman attended the event in astonishing Aso Ebi and quickly hit the social media tabloids.

Royal Wedding special: The marriage of Harry & Meghan

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2. Nigerian wedding Aso Ebi styles in trend

The Aso Ebi dresses, that Nigerian ladies wear for the weddings, are always unique and colorful. Even though the Aso Ebi wedding dress is considered as the uniform gown, each lady has the chance to look one of a kind by simply adding some extra elements or accessories to the outfit.

Aso Ebi wedding styles vary from season to season, but posts like this will always keep you up to the trend. Check out these looks and choose the perfect onу for yourself and your wedding crew!

3. Wedding digest Aso Ebi: so many styles to choose from

3.1. Monochrome Aso Ebi gowns

As you know it, less is more. Generally, Aso Ebi gowns are colorful and vibrant, so you don’t have to add anything else. But have you seen how elegant the monochromatic Aso Ebi gowns can be?! Opt for the lace, or cord lace, or French lace when sewing the dress of your dreams – this fabric in trend!

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3.2. Floral Aso Ebi gowns

Floral designs will never leave the Fashion Olympus, but this year these beautiful patterns are extremely popular on the weddings. Why not: these delicate flowers mean the bloom of the brand-new alliance and emphasize the floral design of any wedding.

The floral pattern design can decorate the base material of the gown or the lace that covers it.

3.3. Dresses with analogous patterns and shapes

Shapes and patterns are a very good style option for Aso Ebi gowns. Shapes won’t get you in the wrong direction. If they are placed correctly, they can emphasize the desired parts of your body and hide the unwanted ones.

3.4. Aso Ebi Ankara gowns

It seems that Ankara patterns have been extra-popular for many centuries. Even if that is true, they are in trend NOW! Ankara gowns come in all sizes and shapes, and the latest Aso Ebi styles for wedding are so chic that you won’t be mistaken when choosing the perfect one!

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3.5. Aso Ebi styles with two contrasting pieces

If you don’t feel like going monochrome, try a winning «2-contrast-pieces» outfit!

It will make you stand out from the crowd for sure. Even if the only contrasting elements of your outfit are your Gele and shoes, you will get the attention.

3.6. Aso Ebi gowns with transparent elements

If you wanna be classy and flirty at the same time, opt for the semi-transparent зыкеы in your look. This can be either small translucent piece of the outfit or the see-through top half of the bodice.

Don’t be afraid to show more, than they have to see – add some decorative elements on the top of your outfit.

3.7. Aso Ebi suits for ladies

Today it is OK for women to wear suits for the weddings («thank God I’m a fashionista!»). Why is this look so popular? Simply because ladies look outstanding in pantsuits! So try this official and classy, but trendy and chic look!

3.8. Aso Ebi Agbada styles

This look is considered men’s fashion, but women often wear it for the weddings. And this look is gaining popularity! If you don’t believe us – you will believe these photos!

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2018 Aso Ebi Styles for Wedding Mongers

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