Best Guide On How To Get A Six Pack

These days every guy wants to know how to get six pack abs, which is not surprising – the ideal male’s physique cannot be imagined without perfect abs. Want to know how to have six pack? Find out how to get a six pack in a month!

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1. Lose belly fat

Most of the guys looking for an effective six pack abs workout at home for the first time are surprised to learn that everyone already has six pack abs – they’re simply hidden under the layer of fat. Before starting a six pack exercise at home journey, lose that fat!

The only way to begin to learn how to build six pack is to create a caloric deficit. You’ll a program or a mobile app to calculate your maintenance level – the amount of calories your body burns every day, which takes your age, amount of exercise, and other factors into consideration.

Once you know how many calories your body needs every day, simply eat less than that! Even a 300-calorie deficit can make a difference in the way your midsection looks. Use a mobile app like My Fitness Pal to track down your calorie intake, exercise, and weight progress.

2. Six pack abs exercise at home

Even though your six pack abs are already there, you still need flat stomach exercises to reveal them to the world. The most important condition of the success of your new fitness regime is to be realistic – a workout that promises to teach you how to get six packs at home in one week will hardly deliver on its promise.

Another thing to remember is that even after the most effective six pack exercise you still may not get a six pack. The appearance of your abs is predetermined by your genes, so you can get anything from a four pack to a ten pack if you’re especially lucky!

Many ab workouts for 6 pack are designed for the gym and need to be done under a trainer’s supervision, but you can also get a pretty good result at home! Here are 5 most effective six pack exercises at home with pictures.

1. Bent-arm leg raise

Hang from a bar and bend your arms to 90 degrees. Lift your legs to 90 degrees, pause for a few seconds on top, and lower your legs. At the beginning you can make the exercise easier by bending your lifted legs at the knee.

2. One-arm rack press-up

Stand by the bench, table, or other surface with your legs apart and one hand on the surface. Lower your upper body until your chest touches the surface and then slowly return to your position. Alternate arms for a complete workout.

3. Side plank with elevated leg

Planks are famously hard to complete, but very effective, which is why they’re an essential part of every six pack workout. Do a side plank, resting your body on one arm, and put one leg on top of the other. Lift your straight leg and slowly return it to the initial position.

4. Windmill

For this exercise you will need a kettlebell or a dumbbell. Spread your legs slightly, hold the dumbbell in one hand and bend sideways at the hips. Hold your other arm by the shin to maintain your balance. Slowly stand up straight to complete the exercise.

5. Plank walk-up

This is another variation of the plank. Stand in a plank position in front of a sofa or bench and stand on one hand at a time to reach the sofa. Use the same movements to get back. Alternate arms for the duration of the workout.

This has been the most effective course on how to get a six pack. Eat right, cut your calorie intake, don’t miss out on the exercise, and soon you’ll unlock the secret on how to get a six pack in a week!

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