How To Check Airtel Data Balance

Airtel is a leading mobile service provider in Nigeria that has millions of users. If you’re one of the happy members of Airtel team, you’ve probably been wondering about Airtel data check. Find out how to check Airtel data balance the easiest way ever!

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1. Airtel data plans

Before you learn how to check Airtel data, let’s take a look at the plans offered by Airtel to its customers. If you’re new to Airtel or want to switch to a more convenient plan, here are the plans you can choose from:

  1. smartCONNECT, the default data plan for all new Airtel customers. Here you can get a 100% bonus on all your recharges throughout the month.
  2. smartROAM is great for those who often travel abroad – here you can get up to 300 minutes of free incoming calls in five countries.
  3. smartTALK 2.0 – a plan that allows you to make super cheap phone calls on all Nigerian networks and very affordable calls to international landlines.
  4. smartTRYBE is perfect for anyone who uses their phones not only to make and receive calls and texts, but also browse the internet, especially during the night at special low prices.
  5. smartTRYBE Junior is more than just a data plan – it’s a whole educational solution designed specifically for Nigerian children. Plus, it comes with free calls to mum and dad!
  6. smartVALUE is a data plan that offers a flat rate of 15k/sec to any Nigerian network. It’s the best option if you mainly make calls and rarely use other features.

You can migrate to any plan for free once in a month. If you want to make more than one migration in one month, be prepared to pay the fee of 100.

2. Airtel internet data plans

In a minute you’ll learn the code to check Airtel data balance, but first let’s see what Airtel has in store for internet users! Airtel has comfy daily and weekly plans, plus a variety of social data plans for cheap social media browsing.

However, what most users are interested in are monthly data plans for Android. These plans range from 1GB to 9.5GB and include special offers for night-time use. As for the prices, get ready to pay from 1000 to 4000 for Airtel monthly plans.

3. How to check Airtel data plan

If you’re wondering not only how to check Airtel data balance, but also which data plan you’re currently using, you can find that out in a matter of seconds. Simply dial *121# on your phone and select the third option in the pop-up menu to see your current data plan.

4. How do I check my data balance on Airtel?

The Airtel data balance code is not some huge secret, but many users are still left guessing the answer to the question “How to check my Airtel data balance?” If you want to know how to check Airtel data balance on Android or iOS, you can do it even without an Airtel data plan balance code – there is an Airtel Care app that is available both for Android and iPhone devices.

Alternatively, you can dial 141 from your phone. You will reach a customer service representative who will be happy to tell you your Airtel data plan balance and any other information you want to know about your mobile usage.

Finally, any Airtel user can learn their Airtel data balance with the help of USSD codes:

  • *141*11*0#
  • *123*10#
  • *141*712*0#
  • *140#

This is how to know your Airtel balance in just a couple of seconds!

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