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Creative Ideas And Designs For Your Nails

Nowadays, various color nail styles aren’t enough for the real fashionistas; there are many artistic and brilliant creative designs to transform the simple nail painting into great nail art!

Surfing the Web, we have collected some of the top nail designs and nail art hacks to achieve your goals easily: read this post and feel free to join the Nail Trend, regardless of your skills or creativity!

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1. Latest nail designs

With that growing range of natural nail designs, styles, and ideas, nail art created many inspiring fashion looks and a huge rainbow of colors and shades, looking just perfect at your fingertips!

But if you want to cherish beautiful nails, you do not have to look for an expert manicurist or buy some expensive equipment & tools. That’s true, you can use a bit of creativity and inspiration, your own brain and some hacks to transform your nails from plain to fascinating within a couple of minutes.

These 2018 nail art designs will make you skip your heartbeat:

  • Blue beach waves

  • Black & White Asymmetry

  • The tips of chrome

  • Galaxy

  • Black glance

  • Blue & Peach Angled Tips

  • Marble Nail Art

  • Matte

  • White, Mint & Gold Stripes

  • Heart-to-Heart nail art

  • Kriss-cross

  • Nailstorming

  • Lilac & Navy Blue Stripes

  • Pink Gradient

  • Romantic Collection

  • Seductive Scalloped Art

  • Stone Marble Art

  • Silver & White striped accents.

2. Nail designs for short nails

  • Peek-a-Boo in monochrome

  • Polka Dots

  • Glitter Fade

  • Mix And Match Dots

  • The eggs of a robin

  • Aesthetically Mismatched

  • Star night

  • The black heart.

More designs for your inspiration:

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3. Simple nail designs: 6 priceless hacks!

  1. Splashing nail art designs are a challenging if you are trying to do it with a common brush. A simple straw helps to get the ideal splashing work of art on your nails. Just put the straw in the bottle with nail polish and blow the straw from the other side to complete your perfect manicure.
  2. You can easily line nails with petroleum jelly just before you start painting them. The reward is a very easy cleanup!
  3. Making dots and then connecting them with a toothpick gives you an ideal zigzag nail art. However, such an artwork will always look great if zigzag lines are made with a shiny nail paint with a muted base coat.
  4. You can use a snow-white nail polish as a base coat to get the best nail designs.
  5. The trick is to apply a thick layer of glue around your nail – then you can start polishing it without any risk of ruining the borderline of a nail!
  6. While creating different nail designs with numerous little items, you can use the eyeliner pencil tip to put tiny accessories on your nails easily!

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