Delta Traditional Wedding Attire: Fashion For Your Big Day

Nigeria is known for many things, but most importantly, for its passionate attitude towards its traditions. Every ceremony in Nigeria is a subject of traditions, and one of the most famous ones is the Delta traditional wedding. Check out these pictures of traditional wedding in Delta state!

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1. Niger delta female attire

Delta Igbo traditional attire for women includes many elements that can be worn together or separately, depending on the occasion and the woman’s taste in clothing.Women put a lot of effort into looking their best for the weddings, no matter if they’re the bride or the wedding guest.

The most common elements of women’s Niger delta traditional attire are modern Urhobo traditional blouses and wrappers, gele and double gele, and, of course, red coral beads that can be worn on the neck or turned into a gorgeous head crown.

The women rocking Delta Igbo traditional wedding attire look downright regal, which is not surprising – the wedding is the perfect time to feel like a princess, and mesmerizing Niger Delta traditional wedding attire are a great way to look like a dream.

2. Niger delta male attire

Even though in many cultures the bride is the centre of the party, while men aren’t expected to care too much about what they’re wearing, the Niger delta men’s wear for weddings can surprise even the biggest fashion fans.

One of the most important parts of traditional marriage attire in Delta state for men is the shirt with a wrapper. The wrapper is known as George and is the most expensive part of men’s Delta traditional wedding attire.

The trousers in Delta state traditional attire for men can be any colour, and the accessories also play an essential role in the groom’s look. The most popular accessories are a walking stick and a black hat or cap; both can be decorated with coral beads.

3. Delta traditional weddings

Niger delta dressing is only part of the many traditions surrounding the wedding ceremony in the Niger delta region. Months of preparation, contributions from dozens of professionals, and lots of money go into designing the most lavish and memorable wedding.

The wedding is also a chance for the bride, the groom, and the guests to showcase the latest Niger delta fashion styles. Every Delta wedding is your chance to see the latest Niger delta blouse styles and other beautiful fashion items in person.

If you’re planning a wedding soon and want to see the most current Niger delta fashion design, here are some of the most gorgeous Delta traditional wedding attire photos for your inspiration. This is what Niger delta clothes look at their best!

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