Could This Be The Most Expensive House In Nigeria?

There is no place better than home. If you think your home is the finest house in Nigeria, it is really so. Nevertheless, there are some beautiful houses in Nigeria everyone wants to live in – from Biodun Okeowo house to Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel.

If you had a chance to live in a fairy-tale castle, which one would you choose? How does the the most expensive house in Abuja look? And the most important question: what’s the most expensive house in Nigeria and the owner? Scroll down for some interesting facts and breathtaking photos.

Nigerian luxury: Okeowo house

When it comes to the most expensive house in Nigeria, you’ll hear a lot of rumors and suppositions. Recently, Sir Olu Okeowo gained the reputation of the King of Luxury. Could his residence be the most impressive you can find in Nigeria? Definitely yes!

the most expensive house in nigeria

Already titled Palacio De Okeowo, the house of the leading real estate player leaves everyone speechless. The house of French style reminds a replica of a castle. Some are certain it is Basille Palace, the others stick to Chateau de Versailles.

The fairytale building has three floors and the yard occupies 5 acres of territory. The total cost of the property is around $12 million. Furniture, equipment, and cars are not included in price. Moreover, the prime land plot costs additional $3 million.

The house is architectural masterpiece with 16 rooms, chapel, jetty, and helipad. Needless to say that there is a gym, a swimming-pool, tennis and basketball courts. The abundance of marble details and finishing remains about decadent luxury. The story can last for hours – but you can see everything!

Palacio De Okeowo

The grand opening. Dec 26th 2016.

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TOP-5 expensive houses in Nigeria

The answer to who owns the most expensive house in Nigeria possibly will not change soon. Nevertheless, there are enough candidates ready to compete for this award. You can find some familiar names in this list – some celebrities, businessmen, entertainers. Curious about who joined the next TOP-5? Here they are.

Folorunsho Alakija’s Mansion

the most expensive house in nigeria

This building set several records. $700-million price tag makes it the most expensive house in Nigeria. Moreover, it is the most expensive personal residence in Africa and the most expensive one owned by a woman. Finally, it is the fourth most expensive house in the world!

What’s so special about this residential building? A couple of things can impress you. The house has a unique design, developed by a German company. Among innovative solutions, there are light wells. The security level astonishes: the house is bulletproof!

Mike Adenuga’s House

the most expensive house in nigeria

Some might think that N8 billion is too much to spend for a house, but some Lagos locals can argue. It is not surprising that a dollar billionaire and man featured in the Forbes’ list of wealthiest people built one of the most expensive buildings in Nigeria.

Aliko Dangote’s Mansion

the most expensive house in nigeria

The richest man in Africa, surprisingly, does not have the most expensive mansion. Nevertheless, his residence located in the capital area costs N5 billion. The businessman has been living there for about 12 years. Maybe the secret of his success are in-house modern office and tastefully furnished conference room?

P-Square’s Mansion

the most expensive house in nigeria

Famous twins own the most expensive residence among entertainers. N1.5-billion mansion is located on Banana Island, where awesome mansions are rather common thing. Nevertheless, this house is among the most interesting. Peter and Paul live there together with their families and brother.

Senator Dino Melaye’s Mansion

the most expensive house in nigeria

The senator likes expensive cars, and it turned out that he prefers living in impressive houses. The taste for luxurious buildings places Melaye with his N1.5-billion mansion in this list of lucky owners. In fact, the senator is very proud to live in such impressive house. – the best place to buy houses and apartments!

TOP-5 expensive buildings in Africa

You already know what’s the the most expensive house in Africa. But if we talk about the most expensive building, it wouldn’t be necessarily a residential building. Of course, you’ll find a couple of hotels in the list, but they come along with business towers and even libraries!

The Pearls of Umhlanga

the most expensive house in nigeria

There is an apartment complex in South Africa that looks like a real architectural masterpiece. It is located on the golden coast and has a golden price. Around $138 dollars was spent for constructing this property. It includes luxurious and comfortable apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.

Portside Town

the most expensive house in nigeria

There is one more South African building of the same cost located in Cape Town. 32-floor skyscraper was opened in 2014. The construction of this premium blue glass office took 13 years. It is situated in the business area and accomodates 3,000 people.

Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel

the most expensive house in nigeria

The five-star hotel in Tripoli is worth $152 million. The building in the heart of the Libyan capital was opened 15 years ago. Today, it is the most expensive hotel on the continent. The luxurious building is all about comfort, pleasure, and relaxation.

African Union Conference Centre and Office Complex

the most expensive house in nigeria

The second most expensive building on the continent is owned by African Union and was sponsored by Chinese Government. The cost of the complex in Addis Ababa is $200 million. 20-floor building is headquarters for AU and the sign of friendship between two countries.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

the most expensive house in nigeria

You may wonder, but the most expensive building on the continent, which costs $220 million, is owned by Egyptian Ministry of Education. The largest library in the world accommodates more than 8 million of books. It also houses several museums, planetarium, and school for information science.