Food Items To Avoid That Can Cause You To Get Fat

Everyone wants to know how to lose weight without exercise, and you may already know what to eat to lose weight. However, what’s even more important is the food you shouldn’t eat at all costs if you want to look slim. Check out these foods to avoid when trying to lose weight!

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1. Bread

Bread is always on top of any list of carbs to avoid to lose weight, but you can often come across opinions that certain types of bread, like whole-wheat bread, are actually good for your figure.

The truth is that as long as bread is soft, fluffy, and tastes good, it’s one of the foods to avoid to lose weight.

2. Potatoes

Not every potato dish is prohibited when you’re trying to get in shape – for example, one baked potato every week is perfectly fine. However, processed potato dishes like chips and fries, as well as mashed potatoes with lots of cream and butter, are rather harmful for your weight.

3. White sugar

If you’re wondering what not to eat on a diet under any circumstances, it’s white sugar. We’re not just talking about eating sweets and baked goods or adding a teaspoon of sugar to your coffee. The food products these days, from sauces to breads, are filled with hidden sugar that you also need to watch out for.

4. Artificial sweeteners

Despite what you may have heard, artificial sweeteners are not the healthy, diet-free alternative to sugar. Of course, most artificial sweeteners contain zero calories, but they can still make you fat – the way they impact our bodies and digestive system is very similar to the negative effect of sugar.

5. Smoothies

Even the best fruits for weight loss like apples, pears, and berries, are useless when you turn them into a smoothie mixed with fruit juice, banana, or yoghurt. A big benefit of eating whole fruits is all the dietary fiber you consume, which is ruined when you blitz the fruits in a blender.

6. Red meat

Some red meats like pork and beef can look lean, but they often content large quantities of hidden saturated fats, which are especially harmful for the weight loss process. Stick to chicken and turkey with the inclusion of fish and seafood to get all the advantages of protein without extra fat.

7. Fruit juices

Eating fruit to lose weight is great, but drinking packaged or even fresh fruit juices has the opposite effect on your body. Packaged fruit juice is filled with sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, and preservatives, which eliminated any positive effect from the fruits.

8. Pure carbohydrates

If you’d ask people what not to eat on a diet, most would say to cut the carbs altogether, since carbs is quickly turned into simple sugar by your body and sent into the blood stream. However, combining carbs with proteins is actually great for weight loss!

Try pairing carbohydrate-rich foods with protein-rich foods for at least one meal of the day. For example, eat pasta with chicken, bread with groundnut paste, rice with an egg, or any other carb+protein food combination you can think of that contain foods to eat to lose weight.

9. Alcohol

Technically speaking, alcohol is not food, but it’s still an answer to the question: “What not to eat when trying to lose weight?” Alcohol releases the hormone called cortisol, which retains body fat and ruins muscles. Plus, alcohol lowers the production of testosterone, which is responsible for burning fat.

10. Ice cream

Ice cream may be a delicious cold treat, but its high content of sugar and fat makes it one of the worst foods for effective weight loss. If you can’t live without ice cream, try making your own – use more fruits, low-fat yoghurt and cream, and less sugar.

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