Garlic Side Effects: The Top 10

Garlic is praised all over the world not only for its delicious taste, but also for its many benefits for the human body. However, there are also several garlic side effects that every fan of garlic needs to be aware of. Learn the top 10 disadvantages of eating raw garlic!

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1. Nausea

One of the most common eating raw garlic side effects is the feeling of nausea shortly after consuming the product. You can also experience vomiting along with nausea if you eat too much garlic. Don’t forget to rehydrate your body after vomiting!

2. Blood thinning

Garlic is known to thin out the blood, which can be both an advantage and a side effect. The blood thinning side effect of garlic means it can increase the risk of an internal bleeding, which is also one of the main side effects of garlic during pregnancy, since it can lead to pregnancy and birth complications.

3. Body odour

You probably already know about this side effect of eating garlic: whether it’s eaten raw or in a form of supplements, garlic can not only cause bad breath, but also a strong body odour. You can avoid this side effect by choosing cooked garlic instead of raw produce.

4. Migraine

When it comes to garlic side effects, brain is also a common target, especially if you’re prone to migraines or other strong headaches. Garlic is known to affect the trigeminal nerve, which can in turn trigger the pain mechanisms of your brain membrane, causing a painful sensation.

5. Digestive problems

It’s well known that garlic and ginger work well together as a health supplement, but there are also side effects of garlic and ginger you should know about. Most importantly, garlic side effects stomach in a way that causes garlic and ginger to irritate your digestive system, causing stomach pain, bloating, and diarrhea.

6. Sweating

The last thing you want to happen on a particularly hot day is excessive sweating, and that’s exactly what too much garlic can lead to. Not only will you sweat more if you eat too much garlic, but your pores will also excrete a garlicky smell, which is quite unwanted.

7. Blood pressure

Garlic is known as an effective solution against high blood pressure, but if you eat too much garlic or take other medications against hypertension, garlic can drop your blood pressure too low, leading to dizziness, disorientation, and other health risks.

8. Allergies

You can experience the benefits of garlic not only through eating it, but also through using it topically on skin imperfections. However, beware of the notorious garlic side effects on face – most importantly, the allergies, burns, and irritations they cause on the skin.

9. Drug interactions

Taking garlic supplements or raw garlic in large quantities is usually fine, but as long as you’re not taking medicine other than vitamins. Garlic can interact with popular drugs, especially antibiotics, causing both to display adverse effects that are dangerous for your health.

10. Heartburn

You are often advised to take garlic and honey to facilitate weight loss, but there are some garlic and honey side effects everyone should know about. Heartburn and acid reflux not only make you feel uncomfortable, but can also lead to deeper health problems.

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