The Most Interesting Finds On Jiji This Week

Are you looking forward to what Jiji has to offer to you week after week? The time has come and now you’re about to see 10 most interesting goods posted on Jiji since the last post!

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1. Desktop Aquarium

Add some tranquillity to your workplace or home with the help of this practical and calming desktop aquarium! It comes equipped with one live fish and a set of artificial decorations, and you will spend a lot of time marvelling at the beauty of the sea world.

2. Self Defense Alarm With Keychain

There are many situations where you can face real danger in life, but with the help of this self defense keychain you can alert your loved ones and scare the perpetrators away with the help of a loud noise. Don’t be fooled by this bear’s adorable look – it’s a very powerful self defense tool!

3. Qasa 2.8L Rice Cooker

We don’t know what we love more about this rice cooker: the attractive design, the spoon and cup that come with the cooker, or the huge capacity that can allow you to cook up to 15 cups worth of rice. Cook with ease for your whole family or use it for your food business!

4. LED Colour Changing Candles With Remote

Every Nigerian knows how important it is to have a set of candles in their home, but here is a better option: a flameless LED candle that can change colours and be controlled with a remote. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a birthday party, or a power outage, you’ll always be prepared!

5. Vintage Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

What can be better than a gorgeous and rugged Mercedes-Benz G-Class? Only a vintage Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon! This car dates back to 1995, is in a perfectly neat condition and has a beautiful dark blue color that will impress anyone you encounter on the road.

6. 24K Gold Mask With L-glutathione

Take advantage of the hottest beauty craze of the past few years with a 24K gold mask! The ingredients of this mask hydrate and replenish your skin, while the L-glutathione gently lightens your skin and gives it a smooth and glowing finish.

7. Skull Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Want to add a special vibe to your home, office, or party and show off your cool taste while also playing your favourite tunes? Check out this skull-shaped Bluetooth speaker! Thanks to its undeniably extravagant appearance, you’ll never go unnoticed when using this speaker.

8. Kleancolor Rainbow Highlighter

You’ve likely seen the rainbow makeup trend this year, but usually rainbow makeup products cost quite a lot. That is why you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this affordable alternative – the Kleancolor rainbow highlighter that will give you a trendy colourful look.

9. Fur Bean Bag Chair

Ready to give your home a fun and trendy makeover? With the help of a couple of fur bean bag chairs you can do it in no time! They are the perfect stylish accent to your interior and they’re exceptionally comfortable just to chill in.

10. Wearable Towel For Ladies

If you’ve always struggled with trying to wrap your towel around your body after shower but still believe there is nothing more comfortable to wear straight after the bathroom, here is an even better thing – a towel that you can easily wear around the house as a dress!

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