The Most Interesting Finds On Jiji This Week

Hopefully, you’re enjoying the unusual, cute, practical, and exciting products we hand-pick for you from hundreds of thousands of Jiji ads every week. Get ready for another 10 fascinating finds we discovered on Jiji this week!

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1. 16 Bohemian Knuckle Rings

Why buy just one ring when you can have 16? These Bohemian knuckle rings have been all the rage in women’s fashion for over a year, and now you can add some trendy vibes to your look with 16 fabulous rings!

2. Football Bottle Opener

Just in time for the football season you can have this football bottle opener! Gather your friends and family around, watch your favourite teams compete in the FIFA World Cup 2018, and open any beer or soda bottle in style!

3. Robot Security Device

Take a more serious approach to your home security with this robot security device that allows you complete access to the safety of your house from any location in the world. The robot can take photos and videos, respond to audio commands, and even charge itself when it’s time!

4. Lip Smacker Lip Balms (8 pcs)

If you want your lips to be soft and moisturized while also enjoying the sweet taste and lovely smell of your lip balm, check out the party set of Lip Smacker lip balms! With smells like Grape, Sprite, Vanilla, and Orange, everyday lip care has never been so great.

5. Coco Retro Handset

Turn your ordinary smartphone into a cool retro device with a Coco handset! It works with any mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and PC, and allows you to make and receive phone calls in style. The handset can be used for regular phone calls or for VoIP calls.

6. Pineapple Peeler/Slicer

Have you always struggled with peeling and slicing your pineapples? Here is a pineapple peeler and slicer that is designed to completely eliminate the hassle! Take out the juicy flesh of the pineapple and leave the core inside in a matter of seconds!

7. Talking Drum

Add an authentic feel to your next party, wedding, children’s birthday, or a simple get-together with friends using a genuine Nigerian talking drum. This beautifully designed and durable drum will also make a fantastic present to anyone you know!

8. Non-Stick Divided Grill Skillet Pan

Cook up to five products at once with this divided grill pan! For a perfect breakfast, dinner, or supper for the whole family, prepare eggs, toast, vegetables, meat, bacon, French toast, or anything you want in just one skillet.

9. Harry Potter Pocket Watch

If you know a die-hard Harry Potter fan, surprise them with a cute and practical Harry Potter pocket watch! The watch comes with a chain and can be worn any way you like, but it looks especially cool when worn with suits and blazers.

10. Kitchen Tool Set

Storing kitchen tools the regular way may be boring, but you’ll definitely enjoy having a plant kitchen tool set on your worktop! This cute plant contains everything you may need for cooking, including a bowl, a grater, a lemon squeezer, and apple cutter.

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