Latest Traditional Wedding Cake: New Designs And Ideas

Wedding cakes are an essential component of any Nigerian wedding, whether it’s a traditional ceremony or a modern white wedding. If you have a wedding to plan, check out these wedding cake designs and pick your new favourite!

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1. Nigerian wedding cake recipe

Before we move on to the design of Nigerian traditional wedding cakes, let’s find out what the cakes are actually made of! There are many flavours available for traditional wedding cakes 2017, but three options are especially popular: white cake, chocolate cake, and fruit cake.

Check out this video to find out how to make the classic white cake. You can flavour it with vanilla or butterscotch flavour, add dried fruits soaked in alcohol, decorate with whipped cream, buttercream icing, or fondant, depending on your favourite beautiful cake designs.

How to make Nigerian Cake | All Nigerian Recipes

Nigerian food is yummy! See more Nigerian recipes: See more information about this recipe by clicking “Show More” below. More info and tips here: Facebook Fan page: My mixer is made by SilverCrest.

2. How to decorate a Nigerian cake

Decorating Nigerian wedding cakes is the final step in creating a cake that both the newly-weds and the guests will love. The simplest way to make sure your traditional wedding cakes 2018 look fabulous is to use royal icing made of egg white, icing sugar, and food colouring.

Buttercream icing is also very popular in traditional wedding cakes. Buttercream icing is made from just two basic ingredients, icing sugar and butter, but you can add different flavours or colour your icing using food colouring. This icing is rather firm and holds itself very well in the most elaborate shapes.

Finally, one of the most common answers to the question “How to decorate a wedding cake in Nigeria?” is fondant icing. It’s the type of icing that is made from sugar, water, gelatine, and other ingredients. It’s perfect for sculpting, cutting shapes, or adding flare to simple wedding cake ideas.

3. How to introduce wedding cake in Nigeria

The introduction of the cake is a vital step of the wedding ceremony and a way to gather everyone’s attention on the bride and the groom once again. It doesn’t have to be a complex introduction – your wedding MC can simply say a light-hearted introduction like this one: “And now let us introduce the most important guest – the wedding cake”.

Once the cake is carried out, the bride and the groom need to cut out a slice and feed each other a couple of teaspoons of cake. After the crowd has cheered for the newly-weds, the rest of the cake can be cut and distributed among the guests. Don’t forget to tell the photographer to take lots of photos of these memorable moments!

4. Nigerian wedding cake designs

Need some inspiration for designing your wedding cake? Here are the latest traditional wedding cake and white wedding cake designs you’re guaranteed to love!

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1. Igbo traditional wedding cakes

The Igbo culture left a big mark on the way wedding cakes look at a traditional wedding.

2. Yoruba traditional wedding cakes

Yoruba wedding cakes are famously beautiful, elaborately designed, and a perfect way to gather the wedding guests around the sweet creation.

3. White wedding cakes in Nigeria

Cakes for a white wedding offer an unlimited variety of designs and decorations. Most of them are round cake designs, but you can also often come across more intricate shapes.

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