How To Make A Jumpsuit In 4 Easy Steps

If you are looking for an easy manual of how to cut jumpsuit, you’ve already found it!

Jumpsuits are the ultra-popular outfits, but today they became a real fashion garment. For example, many celebs proudly wear branded jumpsuits on the red carpet events.

If you want it hard to try this simple but chic look, but you don’t want to pay the high price for the designer’s work, then you have to know how to make a jumpsuit from scratch.

If you have the tutorial on how to cut and sew jumpsuit, the process of making your fashionable DIY outfit is rather quick and can be really fun. In the most cases, it does not even require sewing patterns, and you can create a stylish jumpsuit for the cost of fabric you use!

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1. How to make a jumpsuit: the measurements

  • Back – 16;
  • Neck – 4;
  • Sleeve length and circumference – 18/10;
  • Upper bust length and circumference- 8/40;
  • Bust- length and circumference-11/42;
  • Underbust length and circumference 15/38;
  • Waist length and circumference -18/36;
  • Hip length and circumference -22/44;
  • Thigh circumference – 22;
  • Knee circumference – 16;
  • Full length of the jumpsuit and circumference  – 50/10.

2. How to sew a jumpsuit: the process

2.1. Step 1

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a jumpsuit with sleeves.

We advise you to start creating jumpsuit from the back bodice. For example, if the circumference of your bust is 42, you should divide it into 2 for your front and back bodice, So, you will get 21.

For your back block, you get 21” + 2.5 for the side-seam and zip. Therefore, when you will cut the fabric, you will keep in mind 23.5 on fold by the half of the length or waist length. This will be 18, so cut 19 for the waist joining and shoulder seam.

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As you can see in the picture, we put the fabric on the fold and then cut out 23.5 by 19 for the back.

At his step, you should cut out the chosen neckline along with the sleeve. Also, do not forget to mark your dart leg.

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The finished cut should look like this:

2.2. Step 2

Now you have to cut out your front bodice.

2.3. Step 3

Now we will start with the trousers of the jumpsuit.

Let’s take, for example, the full length of 50. You already have 18” for the bodice, so you have to take 18 from and you will get 32. Your trousers should be nearly 32”.

Before cutting your trousers, fold your fabric in 4 times.

If your hip is? For example, 44, divide 44 into 4 and you will get 11.

Then you have to add three inches to each 11 for your side seams and that equals 13 in four folds (eg 2 for the back block and 2 for the front block).

The picture above shows that you have 13 multiplied by 4 by 30” length + 1” for your waist seam and the leg so you should add your two inches band.

Moving further, you have to measure out 3 by 14 for your crotch depth.

Take a look how to mark it.

Let’s cut it out.

Now see what it will look like at the moment you spread out all of your cuts for your front block.

Here you see the breast pad you have to add to the bust part for the better support.

We also have to add the regular sleeve.

2.4. Step 4

Now you have to sew all of the pieces of fabric together (don’t forget your bands at the leg and sleeve area. If you want your jumpsuit to be light, do not line it. In addition, you have to remember to add the zip at the back and finish the neckline with piping.

3. How to cut a jumpsuit pattern

If you don’t know how to make a jumpsuit pattern and it seems very difficult to you? We have something to calm you down: here’s an easy tutorial on how to make a custom pattern.

Create a Custom Jumpsuit Pattern

Using your favorite pattern, follow these easy direction to create a custom jumpsuit for you or a client.

4. How to sew a jumpsuit tutorial (open shoulder outfit)

Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit Tutorial – DIY

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