How To Make Nigerian Coconut Chips & More Yummy Coconut Recipes!

Of course, you’ve been to certain parts of Lagos Island, and certainly, you remember how you were greeted by kind locals and the sweet aroma of amazing Nigerian coconut chips (or Gurundi)! They are so delicious, and we really wonder why aren’t they prepared, packed and sold everywhere!

Here we got a full coconut chips Nigeria’s recipe for you – read, prepare and enjoy this delicious snack with your family and friends!

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1. How to make coconut chips: the ingredients for Gurundi

  • 1 big coconut;
  • 80 grams cassava starch (or tapioca) (you can use potato or corn starch as a substitute);
  • Half cup (or 50-60 grams) of sugar;
  • A pinch of nutmeg.

Note: many fans of Nigerian snack swear that they have used plain flour in this recipe – maybe you’ll go for an experiment and tell us about the results in the comments?!

2. How to make Nigerian coconut chips: the preparation process

  • Open the coconut with a small sharp knife; get out the meat and blend or grate it to a good mix.
  • Mix the starch, the coconut, the nutmeg and sugar in a bowl. Once again – mix it thoroughly!

  • Add a bit water to the mix and form a ball from the dough.

  • Flatten the dough thinly and put it on a baking tray with baking sheets (or you can grease it with butter if you like).

  • Cut the dough into six big (6 cm) squares-form parts, preheat oven to 302 F (150 C) and bake them for 20 minutes.
  • When your biscuits become brown and a bit hardened, take it out and cool.
  • As the biscuits cool, they will become harder. You can serve the snacks right away or store them in an airtight container to enjoy them later.

As you can see, the process of preparing coconut chips is quite cheap and easy. Therefore, you can freely start your own coconut chips business in Nigeria with a little investment and, of course, if you have a stable supply of coconuts!

It is also a perfect good business opportunity because Nigerians just love snacks and always come around to buy them, so you can rent a stall by the roadside in order to attract more customers and make more money.

Moreover, it is still a virgin area that many people have not explored. So welcome to the first rows!

3. How to fry coconut chips video tutorial

DIY Coconut Chips!

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4. Nigerian coconut chips: unique serving ideas

  • These DIY paper cones with individual snack servings make the simple dish look and feel special.

  • Set a wine glass with any sweet cream in a bowl, fill it with chips. Garnish it and you’re done!

  • A hollowed-out pineapple makes serving more fun.

  • Surprise your friends with this chips-and-dip serving — add some apple, banana, and mango chips!

5. More yummy recipes with coconut

5.1. How to make dried coconut candy

Nigerian Coconut Candy (A Nigerian Dessert) | All Nigerian Recipes

Nigerian food is yummy! See more Nigerian recipes: See more information about this recipe by clicking “Show More” below. Written recipe: Facebook Fan page: Ingredients *1 fresh coconut with the juice *200g icing sugar (powdered sugar) *Water Music by Kevin Macleod

5.2. How to make coconut Barfi

Quick n’ easy Coconut Barfi Recipe

Coconut Barfi – This is one of the easiest sweet dish, prepared using dry desiccated coconut and sugar. It is a very easy recipe and by adding milk powder you get a perfect mouth watering barfi.

5.3. How To Make Coconut Flakes

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