Modern House Designs In Nigeria For Your New Home

Owning a house is a lifelong dream for millions of Nigerians, which is why Nigerian homeowners pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their house. There are dozens of beautiful modern house plans, and here are the most popular modern house designs in Nigeria right now.

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1. Bungalows

Real estate trends may come and go, but modern bungalow designs in Nigeria remain the most popular type of housing among Nigerian buyers. A bungalow is usually horizontally oriented and has at least three rooms, which makes it just perfect for large families living together.

While some modern bungalow house plans in Nigeria have two floors, single-floor bungalows are much more common. Check out these modern four bedroom house plans and gorgeous bungalow house designs!

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2. Transparent houses

If you’re looking for the most modern houses in Nigeria that look like they belong in a trendy property magazine, consider transparent glass houses! This house design looks exceptionally stylish and can make all your neighbours feel jealous.

Usually transparent houses have one fully glass wall that normally overlooks the pool or the lounge area. However, those transparent house owners who are especially lucky enjoy the view on the ocean from their beautiful glass houses. Here are some amazing transparent house designs.

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3. Duplexes

Modern duplex designs in Nigeria are a popular choice for buyers with small families who don’t need a lot of space. Plus, a duplex doesn’t take too much space to build, so you can save money by buying a smaller land plot.

Most modern duplex house designs in Nigeria have two bedrooms, which means a family of 4 or 5 can live super comfortably and have plenty of space for each family member. Check out 2 bedroom modern house plans and lovely duplex designs!

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4. Container houses

If you’re interested in sustainable construction and don’t have a fortune to spend on your new home, here is a great alternative to expensive house designs – the affordable and practical container houses that are gaining popularity around the world.

Container house builders repurpose shipping containers to create perfectly sized homes for small families. A container home can have everything you want, plus a great view and a modern design that is so appealing to young people and forward-thinking Nigerians.

5. Self-contained apartments

The growth of self-contained modern houses in Abuja, Nigeria and other regions is surprising to no one: a self-contained house or apartment is the perfect first home for single Nigerians or young families that is the most affordable option for becoming a homeowner.

A self-contain got its name for having everything a person needs, including bathroom and kitchen, in one reasonably-sized place. Self-contained apartments are also known as studio apartments and are super easy to decorate and maintain.

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