Pick And Drop Hairstyle Ideas From 2018 Africa’s Collection

Pick and drop hairstyle is a modern common way to express yourself, and it is a favorite trend of stylish black and mixed ladies. As always, there are two ways to get into the style: use pick and drop hair extensions or maintain pick and drop braids on natural hair.

By the way, this option allows ladies with short hairstyles to get a new look with the long hair just in a couple of minutes. In addition, there are many patterns of hair strands (curly, wavy, smooth) for you to experiment with your look!

Let’s take a close look at pick and drop braids trendy style!

pick and drop hairstyle

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1. Pick and drop braids on long hair

Everybody is losing their minds on cornrows, but you may not like wearing the all same style that everyone adores. Just imagine yourself walking down the street and spotting more than 100 ladies wearing the same hairstyle as you do… Eew!

So if you are a unique person with individuality, then pick and drop braids styles are just for you!

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pick and drop braids

pick and drop hairstyle

pick and drop hair extensions

pick and drop braids styles


pick and drop hairstyle

pick and drop braids curly

pick and drop braids on long hair

2. Nigerian pick and drop hairstyles: the 5 advantages

1) The hairstyle is suitable for any season.

2) The pick and drop style is perfect for ladies with short hair to get the new look instantly.

3) The style gives you many possibilities of choice of braids types and color variations.

4) The braids look absolutely natural and are almost invisible.

5) The style is just like the weaving, but the mode of pose is not the same.

And if you are a lover of a playful look, you can always get your pick and drop braids curly!

pick and drop hairstyle

PICK & DROP SINGLE BRAIDS ft. Freetress Deep Twist Crochet Braids | That 4c Life – Ep. 06

I installed these pick and drop braids and really am loving them. I used the Freetress Deep Twist Crotchet Braids in the color 1 and 22″. This is yet another really fun protective style for short natural hair like mine. Let me know what you think!

3. Pick and drop curls: how to make the hairstyle

  • This hairstyle is for ladies with relaxed hair, but if you are naturalista you can get on the style with the natural weaves that have the similar texture with your own hair.
  • The front area has to be properly moistened, you can apply an essential oil or quality hair moisturizing cream that increases hair growth for the front hair.
  • Cream up the entire hair twice a week.
  • Use a comb with the big tooth but not a brush for your weave.
  • Braid your hair at night and you will never have a problem with the tangling in the morning.
  • After braiding, try using a hair cap/hair net to shield your weave.
  • If you are using curly human hair, apply a bit of leave in conditioner before braiding.

nigerian pick and drop hairstyles

All these tips are really essential to make your hairstyle balanced and last much longer. There are many options of the pick and drop hairstyle to choose from – you can part it, plait it around or backward, choose to pick and drop hairstyles with expression, dye your braids, etc.

How I Maintain my X-Pression Pick and Drop Braids + Demo!

What’s up Drama Divas and Drama Dudes? Welcome Back To ChristineDoesDrama. How I Maintain my X-Pression Pick and Drop Braids + Demo! ❤️SUBSCRIBE. LIKE. SHARE❤️ Pick and drop extensions is one of the most versatile and easy to maintain hairstyles you can get.

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