Is there room for fashion marketplace?

Everybody thinks that fashion roots in Europe exclusively. But we don’t agree with that! Africa inspires designers all over the world and its impact can be seen in the models on the world’s best podiums.

One of the most “african inspired” countries is Brazil. Take a look at the models below, isn’t there a colorful distinctive spirit of Africa?


African motives have become a key outline of the brazilian fashion designer’s collections. Leading Brazilian designers and world  fashion stars used African national trends while representing new collections in Latin America on Sao Paulo Fashion week. They used national patterns, leather and handmade pieces in Afro style, such as images of wild animals and massive amulets as accessories.

And you know what? Soon they will have a special women marketplace devoted to fashion only. New trends and collections will be showcased on a website, where every small and medium fashion producer can open her little store.



There will be no random things In Brazilian Shafa: the entire assortment of the main showcase is selected by stylists and fashion bloggers.

Below are some of the pieces and accessories that represent Afro-Brazilian clothing:


In Africa turbans are used by men and women, they are part of the culture, certain types of turbans, such as gelê turbans, perform a range of social, religious as well as fashion functions.
There is a type of turban called “Oja”, which arrived in Brazil with the Africans, and is mainly used by Bahians and the women of Andomblé and Umbanda cults.


Necklaces often have religious meaning. In the Afro-Brazilian religion of Candomble prayer beads signified that the bearer of those belongs to orixá spirits.

The necklaces can be made of different materials like metal, bone or stone. Each material relates to a certain orixá spirit. Some of the necklaces are more popular, like necklaces with large pieces, they even show up on fashion parades.

African-inspired clothing

In Brasil it’s not strange to see an unbelievable mix of colors and styles in clothing designs, which is greatly inspired by african fashion trends. The innovators, as always, used to be super popular brazilian brands like Havaianas, Dumond and Romero Britto. It didn’t take long for these styles to merge with fast fashion streetwear, and now you can see this exuberance of colors in the streets of every brazilian city.

We all know that in Brazil female audience is very active and turbulent, they are crazy about sharing their mirror reflection photos and reviewing fashion and makeup pieces. So Shafa marketplace devoted only to fashion will go really well with brazilian women.

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