Scent Leaf And Weight Loss

Scent leaf is a herb that originates from Southern Asia. It is cultivated in Bolivia and Brazil. Scent leaf is popular all over the African continet. This herb can be found as wild and planted in gardens. Scent leaf is used in culinary and medicine.

It is a small shrub, which grows 1-3 cm high. The olant has dark brown stems with leaves located in the opposite sides. Leaves are oval and narrow, from 5 to 13 cm long. the plant has also got clusters of flowers, and the blossom appears in spring.


Scent leaf grows very quickly. You will be able to use fresh leaves almost all year round. Bushes grow for 5-10 years. The main condition is sunny conditions and drained soil. To start growing scent leaf in your garden, you can use seeds or cut stems.

scent leaf benefits


    • Culinary & local cuisine: sauces, soups, stews, porridges, teas, smoothies, and other dishes.
    • Protection from mosquitoes – dried scent leaf is a perfect repellent.
    • Food preservative purposes, explained by the anti-bacterial properties.
    • Perfumery, which values strong scent.
    • Treatment and prevention of malaria and fever.
  • It also cures diarrhea and dysentery, vomiting and even cholera.

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    • Normalizes digestive functions.
    • Boosts immunity and contributes to general well-being.
    • Lowers cholesterol levels.
    • Controls blood pressure.
    • Treats seasonal virus illnesses, like flu, cold, etc.
    • Prevents epileptic fists and various convulsions.
  • Adds original taste to your dishes.

Scent leaf and weight loss

scent leaf benefits

Many people have heard about the relation of scent leaf to weight loss. Scent leaf, known for its distinctive aroma, can really reduce weight if used properly. How does it work? Scent leaf possesses a list of properties that influence your body positively and boost digestion.

    1. Fibers fasten digestion, and a person with fast digestion stays slim. Do not forget to add some to carbohydrates to make sure you are not gaining weight, but losing it.
    1. Vitamins and minerals recreate tissues, heal wounds, and strengthen digestive system. Thus, the stomach receives all repairs necessary for processing food.
    1. Scent leaf boosts metabolism. Similarly to vegetables, it contains particles necessary for food breakdown.
    1. Scent leaf prevents constipation. It helps body to get rid of toxins and guarantees that fats and high calories won’t be stored in the body.
  1. Scent leaf burns fat. It reduces calorie level effectively and deals with excess fat. Because of this, some people add scent leaf in all dishes they cook, and this is a good decision.

Simple drinks for weight loss

Scent leaf water

scent leaf benefits


    • 1 tsp of scent leaf seeds
  • 100 ml of warm water


    1. Pour seeds with warm water.
    1. Stir for 60 seconds.
    1. Draw for 5 minutes.
  1. Add some juice/yogurt/tea before drinking (optional).

Lemon, mint, ginger, and cucumber water

If you check out cucumber lemon mint ginger water for weight loss reviews, you’ll find out that this is one of the best drinks you can use for weight loss. each of the ingredients stimulate weight loss, and the combination of those is almost magical!

scent leaf benefits

Lemon for weight loss:

    • absorbic acids boost digestion;
    • break down complex foods easily;
  • pepsin and proteins burn fat.

Ginger for weight loss:

    • has anti-inflammatory effect;
    • activates stomach functioning;
    • prevents gases;
  • triggers fat burning.

Cucumber for weight loss:

    • boosts digestion;
    • regulates stomach acid levels;
    • possesses diuretic properties;
    • triggers fluid elimination;
  • treats infections.

Mint leaves for weight loss:

    • prevents formation of excessive stomach acids;
    • aids nutrients absorption;
    • possesses anti-inflammatory properties;
    • relaxes stomach;
  • prevents and cures nausea.

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Mint leaves benefits for weight loss are numerous. If you are curious how to use mint leaves for weight loss, you can prepare various drinks with this herb. You probably do not need explanation what is mint leaves. Moreover, you can always find mint leaves in Nigeria on Jiji.


    • water – 2 liters;
    • lemon – 1;
    • cucumber – 1;
    • grated ginger – 2 tbsp;
  • mint leaves – 10.


    1. Prepare mint infusion. Boil leaves in a cup of water. Set aside for 10 minutes.
    1. Squeeze lemon juice. Cut off 3 zests and leave for later.
    1. Peel and blend the cucumber.
    1. Mix mint infusion with lemon juice and mashed cucumber flash.
    1. Pour in one liter of water. Mix well.
  1. Add ginger and lemon zests. Pour in the rest of water and mix well.