Stabilizer Prices In Nigeria

A stabilizer is a must-have thing in every household with unstable electricity supply. It is the guarantee of seamless functioning of all your devices and household equipment. It is also a way to make them last longer without repairs or any maintenance.

When upgrading home electricity system, everyone is looking for the best stabilizer brand in Nigeria. However, the best stabilizer in Nigeria is rather nominal feature. In every case, it will be a specific pick that fits for certain conditions. We’ll help to make it easier for you.

Popular options and prices

Stabilizer prices in Nigeria differ depending on power, voltage, quantity of phases, type etc. Based on the advice above, you can specify the what exactly you need and find it on Jiji. Here are some options for you to consider and expected prices.

  • 5000 watts stabilizer price in Nigeria: Century, from N 20,000
  • 2kva stabilizer: Axtron, from N 11,000.
  • 5kva stabilizer price in Nigeria: Bluegate, from N 11,500.
  • 10kva stabilizer price in Nigeria: Westcool, from N 60,000.
  • Century stabilizer price: 600VA, from N 3,250.

Single or several?  

A separate device for every appliance is certainly reliable, but not practical. If you have to secure many appliances due to the low stability of electrical environment, it will be reasonable to install a common stabilizer for the entire house. It is much cheaper but less reliable.

The optimal option is to use several regulating devices. Install a powerful and less accurate stabilizer for house protection. Connect additional minor stabilizers to appliances sensitive to voltage drops.

best stabilizer in Nigeria

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One- or three-phase?

The quantity of phases depends on the electric network and power of home appliances. One-phase stabilizer (220 V) is appropriate for one-phase network. Three-phase (380 V) is required for three-phase network and using appliances that consume much power, like electric stove. You can also use three one-phase stabilizers. The second option is better for securing the household in general.

How to calculate the power?

Two key factors are minimal voltage and general voltage of all appliances in the house. Meter the voltage in the evening during peak loads. Calculate voltage considering starting current. It is indicated in user manual. Keep in mind both constantly working appliances and those that are used occasionally.

The power of chosen stabilizer should be at least equal to the calculated value or exceed it. When making the final decision, remember about 20% power reserve. This margin will be useful for connection of new devices in the future.

What about accuracy?

Accuracy is equally important. If you are selecting a stabilizer for particular appliances, look up for the permissible variation spread in a user manual. Complicated and expensive appliances require high accuracy with 1-3% derivation. For simple appliances, up to 10% derivation is allowed.

Hinged or floor-standing?

Hinged stabilizer models are more compact but also more costly. Floor-standing stabilizers, on the contrary, are less convenient but cheaper. Your final choice depends on personal preferences. The type doesn’t influence operating principle of a stabilizer.

best stabilizer in Nigeria

What type?

There are three options, each with its pros and cons: electric, relay, and servo drive. The first type offers wide diapason of regulation and smooth functioning, but requires frequent repairs and replacements. The second type is cheap but not very reliable. The third type is the most innovative, long-living, and costy.

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