Vintage Cars In Nigeria: The Top 10

The car market in Nigeria is extremely diverse: their are luxury modern vehicles, small city rides, and, of course, iconic vintage cars in Nigeria. If you’re looking for a vehicle with history or simply want to enjoy the most famous cars in Nigeria, check out this top 10 of vintage cars currently on sale on Jiji!

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1. Ford Mustang 1964

There are many vintage cars for sale in Nigeria, but this 1964 Ford Mustang has to be the most groundbreaking one. It paved the way for muscle cars and remains one of the most recognizable nameplates in history.

2. Mercedes-Benz 230E 1975

The Mercedes-Benz 230E 1975 is a good-looking car inside and outside. The leather interior instantly evokes a chic feeling, while the polished exterior will definitely make this vintage Mercedes a worthy addition to your garage.

3. Land Rover Defender 90 1980

Looking for a vintage car that not only looks pretty, but can also do some hard work? Take a look at this 1980 Land Rover Defender! This vehicle looks rugged and is as powerful as it was in 1980 when it had just left the assembly line.

4. Volkswagen Beetle 1978

Is there a vintage car with a more recognizable appearance than the Volkswagen Beetle 1978? If you want a car with a personality, there is no other make and model you should consider! Plus, the perfect condition of this car is another big reason to go for it.

5. Citroen DS 1974

There were almost a million and a half Citroen DS units made during its 20-year production run, and one of them can become yours! This Citroen DS 1974 needs a caring owner who recognizes its worth and will proudly show it off on the road.

6. Porsche 911 1974

Another iconic vintage model, this time from Porsche. The Porsche 911 is one of the most coveted luxury cars of all time, and 1974 was a particularly good year for this model. This refined classic car is a must-have for any car collector.

7. Jaguar Vanden Plas Classic 1975

The collaboration between Jaguar and Vanden Plas wasn’t a long-lived one, but it was definitely successful, as it gave the world the Jaguar Vanden Plas Classic 1975. This car comes in the famous British Racing Green colour and has an automatic transmission.

8. Mercedes Benz 220S 1961

Looking for a car that performs as good as it looks? Check out the Mercedes Benz 220s! This model comes with factory air conditioning and factory performance parts, which is pretty rare for Mercedes vintage cars!

9. Mercedes Benz 300D 1978

You can’t really go wrong with any Mercedes as your new vintage car, but this 1978 Mercedes Benz 300D is a particularly good choice. Its clean state, spotless interior and exterior, and excellent driving condition mean you can drive it without any expensive further repairs.

10. Mercedes Benz 230 1976

Want to feel like a 1970s company executive in your new shiny Mercedes car? Then you should definitely consider the Mercedes Benz 230! The midnight blue colour of this car is as gorgeous as the high-end interior and polished exterior!

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