Ankara Blouse On Jeans: 22 Styles You Will Love

There are many ways to rock your favourite Ankara blouse: you can wear it with skirts, shorts, trousers, and leggings. However, Ankara blouse on jeans remain exceptionally popular among Nigerian fashionistas. Check out 22 new and best Ankara blouse on jeans styles!

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1. Peplum Ankara blouse with jeans

Ankara peplum blouse on jeans makes your figure look even more appealing thanks to creating a nice balance between the jeans and the top.

2. Ankara blouse with lace

Upgrade any Ankara blouses for ladies with an addition of another trendy fabric – for example, the super popular lace in the same colour scheme.

3. Ankara blouse with flared sleeves

You can achieve a great effect if you choose the same shape of your Ankara and jeans styles – in this case, the flared jeans look especially great with the flared sleeves of the Ankara blouse.

4. Ankara blouse with ripped jeans

One of the latest Ankara blouse on jeans styles is the ripped jeans, which are balanced out by the elegant long-sleeve Ankara blouse.

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5. Ankara sweatshirt with jeans

There are dozens of African blouses styles, but an Ankara sweatshirt is the perfect combination of authentic African fashion and international trends.

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6. Lace and Ankara blouse with jeans

Looking for an Ankara blouse that you can wear both with jeans and Ankara styles: skirt and blouse? Check out this beautiful lace and Ankara top!

7. Ankara kimono blouse

For a trendy twist on the traditional Ankara blouse fashion, try a kimono – it looks fantastic on any occasion and feels super comfortable!

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8. Ankara blouse with fringe + jeans

If you want to spice up any Ankara blouse styles, the adorable fringe is by far the easiest way to make your new outfit truly shine.

9. Wrap Ankara blouse and jeans

Wrap blouses are adored by fashionistas all over the world, and Nigerian fans of Ankara are no exception – they love to rock wrap tops with jeans!

10. Off-shoulder Ankara top

An off-shoulder top is the ideal fashion pick for summer, and the matching Ankara purse is simply too cute for words!

11. Ankara blouse with boyfriend jeans

If you’re worried your boyfriend jeans look too masculine, pair them with a feminine Ankara top for the most charming outfit.

12. Polka dot Ankara blouse + jeans

Want to make a lasting impression on everyone you meet? Choose an Ankara blouse with a bold design and an even bolder pattern!

13. Double peplum Ankara blouse

When one peplum is not enough, you can always add one more and get one of the best-looking Ankara blouses we’ve seen this year!

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14. A-line Ankara blouse with jeans

Don’t be scared to create some volume on the top with an A-line Ankara blouse and balance it out with a pair of skinny jeans.

15. Crop Ankara top with jeans

Another fabulous trend from the past few years is the crop top, which looks particularly good when made from colourful Ankara fabric.

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16. Ankara bomber jacket + jeans

Take advantage of cool summer evenings and rock a bomber jacket that looks simply fantastic with a pair of skinny jeans!

17. Cold shoulder Ankara blouse

One of the biggest fashion trends of 2018 in Nigeria are the cold shoulder cutouts, and they look especially good in Ankara blouses.

18. 3-in-1 Ankara blouse with jeans

With the right sewing skills or the right tailor you can get an Ankara blouse that can be worn in three different yet equally gorgeous ways!

19. Strapless Ankara top

This strapless Ankara blouse would look extremely cute on its own, but the bow makes it even more adorable.

20. Long-sleeve Ankara blouse with jeans

Long-sleeve blouses feel so comfy you’ll never want to take your new long-sleeve Ankara top off!

21. Grey peplum Ankara blouse

If you’re looking for a blouse you can wear anywhere, including the office, consider this perfectly fitted peplum Ankara blouse in an elegant grey colour scheme.

22. Short-sleeved Ankara blouse with jeans

Another kind of Ankara blouse that would look great with any bottoms, from skinny jeans to your favourite skirt, is this colourful top with short sleeves!

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