Barbing Salon Design And Business Plan

The economic situation may change all the time, but people will always want to look good. That is why opening a barbing salon is a particularly good idea right now. Check out the barbing salon business plan in Nigeria and some of the best barbing salon designs.

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1. Barbing salon business plan

Before we even get to the salon equipment list price in Nigeria, let’s find out about the steps you need to take in order open your own barbing salon.

  1. Training in various aspects of the barber’s professional is the essential first step on your way to a successful business. If you’re going to perform the barbing services, you’ll need adequate qualifications, and even if you’re simply going to manage the salon, additional management training won’t hurt.
  2. Find the right location with a lot of foot traffic, since you can’t rely exclusively on appointments, at least in the beginning. Busy city centre, popular plaza, and other well-known locations walk best.
  3. Think of a name for your salon that has a lot of personality and complete it with a slogan that you will include into print ads and online promotion.
  4. Get the necessary barbing salon equipment salon equipment– you can find the list of required equipment below. The salon equipment prices in Nigeria are not exactly affordable, but you can find great deals on on Jiji!
  5. Decorate your salon. The barbing salon design needs to be not only attractive, but also functional – it means that there should be enough space for hair salon equipment and furniture and everything should have its own place.
  6. Consider adding extra services to your list of barbing procedures. For example, nail services and facial procedures will attract more customers to your place and make them spend more time there. Plus, a TV, stack of fresh magazines, hot and cold beverages, and even an Xbox can turn one-time customers into loyal clients.
  7. Promote your salon to attract as many customers as possible. There are two most effective forms of advertising that work especially well for barbing salon. Post ads in local newspapers and create social media accounts, particularly Instagram and Facebook, and advertise your business with photos of your work and client testimonials. You can also advertise your barbing services on Jiji!

2. List of barbing salon equipment

So which barbing salon tools is your new establishment going to need? Here is a list of the most commonly used barbing salon equipment in Nigeria:

  • Rotating chairs
  • Hair washing basins
  • Hair clippers and scissors
  • Hair brushes and combs
  • Professional hair dryers
  • Large wall mirrors
  • Waiting chairs
  • Clothes covers
  • Shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products
  • Air conditioners
  • Generators
  • Entertainment system

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3. Barbing salon designs

If you already have the barbing equipments ready for opening a salon and now want to find the best design for your business, here the best large and small beauty salon decorating ideas in pictures.

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