How To Check Plate Number In Nigeria

In the past you could only do the vehicle number plate verification by visiting your local Federal Road Safety Corps, but even then it wasn’t guaranteed that you’ll get the necessary information. Luckily, today you can do plate number verification online and today we’ll show you how!

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1. Why do you need a car number plate check?

There are many reasons why you need to know how to check plate number online in Nigeria. Maybe you’ve been in an accident and the other car ran away from the scene but you managed to remember the number. Or maybe you plan to buy a used car and want to do an vehicle number plate check to avoid fraud.

In any case, knowing how to do a vehicle plate number verification is essential for any car owner. It gives you the confidence and in the end will help us all achieve a safer driving environment. Here is how to check plate number.

2. Vehicle number verification online

The only legal way to check car number plate owner online is to visit the FRSC website, where they have a dedicated section for verifying number plates. You will find it in the top right corner of the page.

There you’ll see a blank box. Enter the license number in the correct format, which should look like AB123AB, without any additional symbols or spaces. Click “Verify” and wait for the system to display the registration information.

In order to protect car owners and itself from possible fraud, the FRSC doesn’t display the complete information about the vehicle. You will only see the make and model of the car, as well as its registration date. This information should be enough if you want to make sure the vehicle wasn’t stolen or the license plate isn’t fake.

3. Other ways to verify the number plate

Going to the FRSC website isn’t the only way to get the information you need, especially if you want to find license plate number by owner name or receive other kinds of car-relate data.

For example, if you’ve been in an accident with another car and can’t seem to find the owner to repay your damages, you can get the required information from the FRSC. However, they can’t give classified data to everyone who asks.

In order to get the FRSC to give you the information you need, first you need to obtain a legal document from the police, then get a court order based on that legal document, and only when you have the court order, the FRSC will give you the driver’s information.

One more way of how to check plate number owner in Nigeria is to hire a private investigator. This method is the most expensive one, but it will definitely deliver results and help you find any driver, sometimes even faster than the police could do it.

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