Cost Of Clearing Cars In Nigeria

The next step after buying a car is to find out the cost of clearing cars in Nigeria. You wish this new car to look tidy and shiny all the time, right? You can always clean it on your own, or you can save your time and rely on professionals.

Cleaning a car on your own

In the first case, you don’t have to worry about the cost of clearing cars in Nigeria. However, get ready to spend the entire day working hard. Total expenses are minimum: cost of clearing a car in Nigeria equals to the cost of cleaning products.

  • car wax – from N 4,500;
  • hose – from N 4,000;
  • car wash kit – from N 175,000;
  • car vacuum cleaner – from N 1,500;
  • car washing machine – from N 25,000.

cost of clearing Toyota Highlander in Nigeria

So an average cost of clearing Toyota Highlander in Nigeria starts from N 210,000. The list above is not complete: you’ll need to order degreasers, detergents, and special soap on Jiji. Prices for car washing products here are the lowest you can find.

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Cleaning a car by professionals

The cost of clearing Toyota Highlander in Nigeria is higher in terms of money and lower in terms of your time and efforts. As a rule, professional cleaning is more effective. So how much does it cost to clear cars in Nigeria at professional carwash?

Cost of clearing cars in Nigeria 2018 depends on a region (more expensive in Lagos, cheaper in the regions), type of cleaning (only washing or full-scale cleaning), sometimes your car model (difficulty and risks).

The cost of clearing used cars in Nigeria is determined by several factors, including condition and attitude of the former owner. The cost of clearing imported cars in Nigeria depends on specific characteristics and little things, like color, kind of paint, etc. Professional working at carwash will help to figure out the nuances.

  • Wax & polishing to restore original cover – from N 1,000.
  • Automatic washing with entire complex of services – up to N 18,000,000.
  • Cars older than 2008 – up to N 650, 000.
  • Cars produced after 2008 – from N 600,000 to N 900,000 and above.

cost of clearing Toyota Highlander in Nigeria

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The ultimate solution

If you take good care of your vehicle and do not lack money for proper maintenance, forget about doing everything on your own. Leave this important task for professionals. You won’t regret, unless car washing seems a fun way option for leisure.

If paying the announced amount for car washing services is too much for you at the moment, order the basic cleaning kit and find some spare time. The process will take from a couple of hours to entire day. Luckily, most of materials can be used for several next cleanings.

Finally, there is a compromise. If you need to wash a car urgently and don’t have time for this, contact car washing services providers through Jiji and negotiate the price. It is also better to leave cleaning your newly bought used car for professionals, at least before the first drive.