Cost Of Industrial Baking Oven In Nigeria

An industrial oven is much more than just a part of bread baking equipment – it can be used for all kinds of commercial cooking purposes. Estimating the cost of starting a bakery in Nigeria is impossible without knowing the prices for equipment. Find out the cost of industrial baking oven in Nigeria!

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1. How to choose an industrial baking oven

The quality of the bakery equipment in Nigeria has a crucial effect on the success of your business – bad equipment will constantly go out of order, making your business bleed money. Check out these types of the best oven for baking.

  1. Roll-in rack ovens may be the most time and effort-saving type of commercial baking ovens. These ovens allow you to simply roll in the rack with future baked goods and close the door to launch the cooking process. Some roll-in rack ovens will even rotate the racks for more even baking.
  2. Convection ovens are the most common type of industrial baking ovens around the world. Not only are convection ovens very affordable, but they also deliver the same results cycle after cycle thanks to the convection technology. These ovens can bake anything, from tiny cookies and cakes to large bread loaves.
  3. Deck ovens have been very popular in the past, but they are sill used today by business owners who don’t want to overpay for their baking equipment or deal with high-tech cooking devices. These ovens are very simple, but they are very easily operated and work perfect for bread.
  4. A revolving oven is the most expensive type of industrial oven you can get right now. It’s built similarly to a rotisserie oven and is very productive for cooking large quantities of baked goods, but the revolving baking oven price makes it a suitable choice only for already established businesses.

2. Price of industrial oven in Nigeria

Want to start a new baking business or update your existing baking equipment with a new, high quality oven? Check out these prices for the most popular industrial ovens in Nigeria.

  • Convection ovens: prices start at ₦300,000 for a small oven with two trays and go all the way up to ₦900,000 for an oven with five trays and additional features.
  • Deck ovens: you can be lucky enough to find a three-deck, nine-tray deck oven for as little as ₦500,000, but most industrial deck ovens cost ₦850,000-1,000,000 and up. You can even buy a four-deck, sixteen-tray deck oven for over ₦2,500,000.
  • Rotary ovens: these ovens are huge in size and have a very high product output, which clearly influences their prices: get ready to pay from ₦4,000,000 to ₦7,000,000 for a full-capacity industrial rotary oven.

3. Cost of bakery equipment in Nigeria

So how much exactly does it cost to open a professional bakery today in Nigeria? Besides an industrial oven, you will need the following equipment:

  • Electric mixer – 1,300,000
  • Moulder – 750,000
  • Milling machine – 200,000
  • Dough divider (manual/electric) – 350,000-500,000
  • Slicing machine – 170,000
  • Packaging machine – 200,000

This is how much you need to spend to launch your baking business. Find all kinds of restaurant equipment at the lowest prices in Nigeria on Jiji!

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