Etibo Styles 2018 For Men And Women

Etibo is a popular style of clothing worn traditionally by people who live in the southern regions of Nigeria. Today the Etibo attire has a lot of cultural significance, but it’s also a way for people to express their respect for their heritage. Check out the best and latest Etibo styles!

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1. Etibo styles for men

The variety of Etibo native wear for guys makes it easy for every man to find the right outfit for every occasion.

This striped Etibo outfit is nearly perfect on its own, but the cute pocket square transforms it into a fashion masterpiece.

You don’t often see monochrome Etibo designs, but the combination of black, grey, and white works so well that there is nothing we would change about this look.

Some Etibo outfits for men are so great that fathers get inspired to rock family Etibo looks with their sons.

Checkers are such a universal print that you can easily imagine it in all kinds of outfits, including the super stylish and handsome Etibo shirts.

Dark blue and grey are a timeless colour combination that looks so good in an Etibo look, and the wine red loafers perfectly complete the look.

When you can’t choose between the many colours in your wardrobe, a surefire way to create a flawless outfit is to pair a sparkling white Etibo shirt with dark blue trousers.

Red and pink are a tough colour combination to master, but this stylish Etibo fan definitely excelled at it!

Another monochrome look and another extremely successful outfit! Different shades of blue work great together.

Many of the latest Etibo designs are total white outfits, but if it seems too plain for you, accessorize your look with a striking red pocket square.

Plain and pattern styles are not exclusively for Ankara – they are also a great addition to the already colourful Etibo fashion.

2. Etibo styles for women

Menswear-inspired women’s fashion isn’t something new, but native Etibo styles look particularly good on Nigerian ladies.

A genius idea for creating a female Etibo look is to turn a traditional Etibo shirt into a dress and complete the look with some killer accessories.

Etibo shirts also work fantastic as short tunics that you can wear on its own or pair with leggings, trousers, or shorts.

Female Etibo styles can be easily adapted for office as long as you get the colours right – for example, blue and white are a foolproof colour combination.

Upgrade a monochrome grey and black Etibo outfit with colourful accessories – the bag and the sandals are exactly what makes the next look stand out.

Even a plain dark blue Etibo shirt can truly shine with an addition of gorgeous jewelry – and we’re simply in love with the golden sandals!

Etibo and Ankara are a perfect match – check out the way colourful Ankara matches the simple construction of this Etibo top!

This is another case of the colour and the jewelry making the whole look – white gold is a perfect pairing for the sapphire blue shade of the shirt.

Express your love for Ankara and Etibo style with the help of this glamorous suit that will also work great as separates.

Etibo suits are a wonderful piece of clothing that can look super casual when you wear it with flats and a special occasion outfit when paired with heels.

Rock a family Etibo look with your little one and show off your family’s impeccable sense of style together!

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