Ford Mustang GT: A Car That Is Not For Everyone!

The sixth generation Ford Mustang has got a planned update. The exterior has got through a “facelift”, the interior has got new premium decorative detail, and the engines were totally reviewed and improved.

But the main novelty of the Ford Mustang 2017 is a 10-speed automatic transmission 10R80 – responsible for instant speed switching!

This Ford Mustang 2017 review will tell you in detail about the amazing improvements of the car and what it feels like to «ride a Mustang»!ford mustang

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1. Appearance

The grille, hood, and bumper were modified. Headlights are now fully led, you can get LED fog-lights as an option. The rear spoiler also has evolved.

The designers added three more color options:

  • Royal Crimson (Raspberry);
  • Kona Blue (Blue);
  • Orange Fury (Orange).

Taking into consideration the previous options, that sums up to 11 different color variants!

You can combine these colors with 11 types of alloy wheels. Are you sure you would recognize your Mustang when it’s gonna be ready?

ford mustang price

ford mustang price

2. Ford Mustang 2017 interior

Due to the expensive materials used in interior finishing, hand-made stitching on the central console and aluminum decoration elements, the cabin looks ultra-premium and extra-stylish, even more than it was before! One more unique solution – 12-inch dashboard, that offers three different regimes: Normal, Sport and Track.

All the necessary information about the operation of the vehicle is displayed on the screen. The multimedia complex is represented by the 8-inch screen with lots of new features (FordPass system for a distant managing of a car from your smartphone – or MyMode system, that memorizes the current configuration and reproduces next time.

Mustang offers the maximum safety – a Collision Warning, Pedestrian Detection System, Lane Departure Warning System and other options.

ford mustang 2017 cabin

ford mustang 2017 cabin

ford mustang 2017 interior

ford mustang 2017 cabin

ford mustang 2017 interior

ford mustang 2017 interior

ford mustang 2017 interior

3. Engines lineup

The developers decided to leave only several solutions:

  • 2,3-litre turbo engine with the increased torque;
  • 5,0-liter V8 engine with the increased power and fuel consumption characteristics.

The legacy of the previous generation is the improved 6-speed mechanic transmission.  The main highlight is the 10-speed automatic transmission, taken from the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Ford F-150 Raptor car models.

ford mustang 2017 specs

ford mustang 2017 specs

4. Take the wheel: testing the Ford Mustang 2017 specs

  • The steering is precise, high- quality.
  • Chassis parts have no shaking, no superfluous sound issues.
  • The braking system is a real pleasure and the pedal is sporty-configured: it is tight, has no idling.
  • The 5-liter engine is quite brutal and uncompromising. If the comfort is more important for you – buy the «EcoBoost» with the mechanic transmission!
  • Automatic transmission competently copes with its mission: we can say that the car with such an engine doesn’t even need the paddle switches. Moreover, you can just switch on the sports settings or transfer the gearbox in the appropriate mode.
  • The front suspension is so soft, that may not even respond to a speed bump.
  • Line Lock, a system of intentional burning of tires confirms that this car modification is designed for guys who like to show off in public!

2017 Ford Mustang – Official Test Drive

TREMEC® 6-speed manual This unique performance-oriented 6-speed manual transmission comes standard on Shelby GT350® and Shelby® GT350R.

5. How much is a Ford Mustang GT?

Ford Mustang 2017 price in Nigeria in about from ₦70,000 to ₦8,500,000 depending on your region and the condition of a car. You can always find the lower Ford Mustang price, if you check out the Ford Mustang offers in the multiple ads of real sellers on Jiji!

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ford mustang 2017 price in nigeria

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