Honda Accord 2004 Model: Features & Specifications

Honda Accord 2004 is car that cannot but attracts a lot of attention. It is the vehicle with youth spirit, which takes your driving experience to the next level. If you check out 2004 Honda Accord reviews, you might be surprised how much owners love this car.

Although it is a vehicle with 15-year history, it has the reputation of highly reliable and incredibly maneuverable car, dynamic and fast, easy to steer and pleasant to drive. This is one of those cars, which let drivers feel convenient from the first drive.

By the way, both 2004 Honda Accord manual and automatic gearbox versions are in the list of the bestsellers in Nigeria. We decided to take a closer look at the beloved car and find out, what’s so special about it.

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This is the 6th generation of legendary Japanese car, relaunched with stylish exterior and best design in its class. Whether the holding expected to produce one of the best-selling cars in history or not, they manage to create the universal model, preferred by so different drivers!

Honda Accord reviews

Honda Accord 2004 received sleek design and solid cabin, immediately making its predecessor a history. It was launched as a heavyweight competitor for all the cars in the segment, designed to complete with sporty Saab and Volvo.

It Honda’s first attempt to introduce a vehicle with diesel engine. In addition, it was the start of building the reputation of the most reliable car, which became Honda’s highlight with time. Improved safety technology was the final touch placing 2004 Accord in the list of favorites worldwide.


Sedan and coupe look almost alike, particularly because of angular headlamps and sharpened form of noses. Sides and corners are carefully sculptured. 3-dimensional windscreen helps to reach unique and truly exquisite appearance. This construction is noise-reducing and aerodynamically efficient.

If you compare 2004 Accord to its predecessors, you’ll notice that the body has become taller and wider. Wheelbase has become longer, and cabin — more spacious. Sides and back are very balanced. Doors are made by using a unique Honda’s method, so they appear light but yet strong.

Honda Accord reviews

Model lineup

You may be surprised, but there’s no such thing as Honda Accord 2004 model. It is rather abstract generalization, for this car is available in almost two dozens of variations. You will find sedans and coupes, 4-cylinder and V6 engines, automatic and manual transmission, cloth and leather interior.

Consider your preferences before looking for a certain Accord 2004. Here are some of the most popular variations:

  • Honda Accord Saloon EX — V6 engine, automatic transmission, leather finishing, DVD navigation system.
  • Honda Accord Saloon LX — V6 engine, automatic transmission, luxurious kit.
  • Honda Accord Saloon DX — 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine (2003), 5-speed automatic and manual transmissions.
  • 2004 Honda Accord coupe comes in LX and EX variants, both 5-speed manual transmission (or optional automatic) and 4-cylinder engine.
  • 2004 Honda Accord sedan — each comes with anti-lock brakes, advanced entertainment system, and optional transmission and engine.

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Engine & fuel expenses

You are already familiar with Honda Accord 2004 motor options — 2.4- and 4-liter, four-cylinder and V6 versions are available, depending on what body type your prefer. 2004 Honda Accord engine is one of the key elements of perfect balance and handling.

Honda Accord reviews

Actual fuel consumption, taking into account 2004 Honda Accord automatic transmission and continuous climate control functioning is around 10 liters per 100 km of road when driving in city environment, without races and 7 liters for fast highway races. It is fair result for 2.4-liter engine.


The car is quick at the start regardless of speed. It is easy to take over another car in any extreme situation. It perfectly hold the road and is fairly tough when it comes to extreme driving. The breaks react instantly.

2004 Accord is known by excellent stability and dynamics. It is a perfect car for driving in the most diverse conditions — from moderate urban pace to high-speed driving and challenging Nigerian countryside roads. Smooth steering is guaranteed regardless of conditions.

Honda Accord reviews

Honda engineers managed to reach the perfect balance between riding and handling. You can forget about rippling and slippery suspension system (like in Camry) and feel comfortable even on unknown roads and unexpected conditions. Even winning roads do not cause difficulties — the car remains stable.


The majority of owners emphasize baggage compartment is very spacious, and it is one of the best things about this car. If you travel a lot or travel with family, with Honda Accord 2004 you won’t worry where to put all necessary stuff.

At the same time, there is enough space for passengers to feel comfortable. Both front and back seats are comfortable. Drivers admit that they rarely get tired even during long trips.

2004 Accord interior is cozy and comfortable. It is perfectly tailored to complete the needs of every passenger — spacious, with special paddings and springs that reduce vibrations to minimum, with tall and wide seats. Some variants feature additional manual adjustments.

2004 Honda Accord inside looks different depending on finishing. Leather seats look more luxurious. If you consider buying a car with cloth seats, remember that light colors require more frequent cleaning. Black tone of the interior is the favorite so far.

Honda Accord reviews

2004 Honda Accord navigation system is only one of numerous media features that became breakthrough in 2004 model. Audio system with CD holder (so necessary back then!), user-friendly dashboard interface and perfect visibility are included in standard kit.

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Almost 100% of Honda 2004 admit that they never faced problems with exploitation or technical maintenance. Timely checks and repairs let the car last longer and drive like it is completely new! It is important to use original details and supplies that are recommended by a manufacturer.

Where to buy & how much

So how much is a 2004 Honda Accord worth? Users set different criteria when it comes to car price. Taking into consideration excellent steering, high maneuverability, low fuel consumption and maintenance expenses, 2004 Accord won’t be the cheapest car to buy.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that this model is almost 15 years old, so you can expect a significant discount compared to newer models. To make a long story short, Honda Accord 2004 price on Jiji starts from N 600,000, and this is the final argument for buying it.