Honda Accord 2012: Specs And Review

The tastes of Nigerian car buyers change very often, but some makes and models remain a favourite for decades. The Honda Accord is one of the best-selling models in Nigeria, and the 2012 model is an especially great option. Check out our review of 2012 Honda Accord!

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1. Honda Accord 2012 specs

The Honda Accord is getting better every year, and in 2012 the model received a number of important updates. Take a look at the 2012 Honda Accord specs!

  • Engine type: gas
  • Engine size: 2.4L
  • Horsepower: 177
  • Combined fuel consumption: 8.7L/100km
  • Fuel tank capacity: 70L
  • Transmission: 5-speed automatic/manual
  • Drive type: front wheel
  • Total seating: 5
  • Curb weight: 1487 kg
  • Cargo capacity: 0.41m3

These were the most essential specs of the 2012 Honda Accord. For more information on what the 2012 Accord has in store for you, check out the review below.

1. Honda Accord 2012 review

So what exactly makes the Honda Accord 2012 such a good choice of a new car? Here is what you can expect in you get this car.

1. Performance

Every trim level of the 2012 Accord comes with a 2.4L gasoline engine and a 5-speed manual transmission, while you can also choose an automatic transmission as an option. This car goes from 0 to 100km/h in 9.1 seconds, which is not the best result for a sedan of this price range.

The two upper-class trim levels of the Accord, EX and EX-L, have a 3.5L engine that is much faster and delivers a more satisfying performance. However, with a combines fuel consumption of 8.7 litres per 100 kilometres, the 2012 Honda Accord is a rather good way to cut down your gas expenses.

2. Styling

On the outside, the Honda Accord 2012 is the same beautifully designed and practical coupe that buyers fell in love with decades ago. The car is available in a dozen elegant colours, including pearl red, white, metallic blue, and silver, as well as the rare dark amber colour.

The Honda Accord 2012 interior has gotten especially much praise thanks to the use of refined materials. Both the back seats and the front seats offer plenty of legroom, and while plastic is the prevalent materials of the interior, it doesn’t look cheap or non-durable.

3. Safety

One of the biggest reasons why buyers choose the Honda Accord is its safety. The 2012 model passed both government and editor safety tests with flying colours, scoring 5 stars on almost every parameter.

Regardless of the trim levels, every 2012 Honda Accord comes with plenty of safety features: anti-lock brakes, front side airbags, side curtain airbags, traction control, and active front head restraints. However, the braking distance could have been shorter.

4. Problems

While the Accord is one of the best cars of 2012, there are some 2012 Honda Accord problems you should know about. Most importantly, the long braking distance affects the safety levels of the car, and intrusive road noise can be rather annoying on long drives.

3. Honda Accord 2012 price in Nigeria

The Honda Accord isn’t the cheapest car around, but the 2012 version is already over 5 years old and is not as expensive as some of its rivals. The prices start at 2 million for a car with visible signs of wear and go all the way up to 6 million for a perfectly neat car.

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