Male Ankara Styles 2018: 33 Handsome Looks

Nigerian men native wear includes dozens of different styles and fabrics, but Ankara styles for guys remain the most popular things for men of all ages. Check out 33 latest Ankara styles for men and choose your new favourite look!

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1. Ankara shorts and trousers

Shorts and trousers are, perhaps, the most versatile Ankara designs for men – they are fit for any occasion and can be paired with any tops and jackets.

Blue and green are the most common colours in Ankara for men styles, and it’s not surprising – they look so good on guys!

male ankara fashion styles

Nigerian male Ankara designs are often paired with denim, so you can combine your Ankara shorts with a denim shirt for an especially cool look.

latest male ankara fashion

If you levitate towards classic Ankara styles for men, check out this impeccable look, complete with a golden pocket square.

latest male ankara fashion

For a casual take on Ankara trousers, go for a relaxed fit and comfy pockets that are a true must-have for this summer.

trendy male ankara styles

Pairing Ankara shorts or trousers with different tops can be rather difficult, so whenever you’re in doubt, wear your colourful trousers with a solid black shirt.

 african mens wear photos

This family look in white, red, and green tones, is one of the best Ankara styles for men and women we’ve seen this year.

nice ankara styles for guys

Yellow and blue are such a summer wardrobe staple that you can’t go wrong with choosing them for your next Ankara for men.

 nigerian male traditional attire

In most cases, the success of your Ankara look is all about the fit, and this case the fit of these red Ankara trousers is simply superb.

boys african wear

Ankara shorts for guys should instantly remind everyone of the summer, vacation, ocean, and other nice things in life!

 nigerian male native dress styles

Even plain Ankara print can be completely transformed with the help of a contrasting T-shirt and footwear!

 ankara collection for men

How to turn casual Ankara shorts into an outfit for a summer wedding? Try combining them with a stylish white shirt!

 native designs for nigerian men

2. Ankara jackets and tops

Ankara tops, shirts and jackets are as important in native style for male as shorts and trousers – you can use them for creating dozens of different outfits.

Ankara bomber jackets have become especially popular this year, and they look particularly good with all kinds of jeans.

latest fashion designs for male

Jidenna has been popularizing Ankara fashion styles for men for years, and his beautiful Ankara shirt is the latest example.

nigeria fashion design for men

Ankara and denim are a classic combo of male Ankara styles and suit every guy with no exceptions.

beautiful ankara styles for men

It takes a bold man to rock some floral Ankara, but the result is definitely worth it!

An Ankara bomber jacket with knitted sleeves and neckline can be rocked all year round, not just during the summer.

An Ankara bomber jacket plus lightwash jeans equals a truly fashionable 2018 look.

Subdued Ankara print and a great fit are a recipe for success when it comes to Ankara shirts for guys.

Ankara fashion for men doesn’t get more exquisite than this glamorous Ankara long jacket.

Your new trendy shirt doesn’t have to be 100% Ankara – even small Ankara fragments can work perfectly.

There is no better outfit for leaning against a sports car than a fashionable Ankara bomber jacket with jeans!

Different versions of star print has been all over Ankara tops for men this year!

3. Ankara suits

Ankara suits are so versatile that you can easily find an ideal outfit for going anywhere, from the beach to a wedding.

It’s hard to tell what we love more about this look – the print, the cut, or the styling!

Flawless fit and trendy tasseled loafers are what truly makes the next outfit.

Shorts with a long-sleeve jacket are a popular way to rock Ankara male styles this year.

For some men there is nothing better than traditional native Ankara styles in a fabulous print.

In a world where so many guys rock slim-fitted trousers, seeing a regular fit can be very refreshing.

There are many things you can wear with an Ankara suit, but a black turtleneck is among the most stylish choices.

This is how you colour coordinate with your special other when choosing Ankara outfits for the night.

A lightweight Ankara suit with sandals is the perfect summer look of 2018.

Ankara for men is so popular that it’s used even in tracksuits – now you can jog and exercise in style!

A stylish Ankara romper will certainly make you stand out even from the most fashionable crowd.

The next Ankara look has everything Nigerians love about native styles for men.

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