Natural Hairstyles: Braids 2018

Various natural hair braids have grown incredibly popular in the last decade and they became even more popular in Nigeria this year. Want to try one of the hottest African braid styles this summer? Check out the best braid styles for black women!

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1. Crochet braids

The crochet braid is among the most popular African braids for a reason: it’s authentic, glamorous, and offers a variety of styling opportunities.

An easy way to make your crochet natural braids stand out is to accessorize them with beads and other beautiful hair accessories.

Style your crochet braids into two adorable buns for one of the hottest styles of black girl braids of the year.

Some types of crochet braid hairstyles with weave will give you a mane full of thick and gorgeous locks.

A pop of colour never hurts, especially when it comes to spicing up your favourite black braided hairstyles!

A side part is always a good choice for crochet braids – it creates a nice balance and brings out your best facial features.

2. Goddess braids

Goddess braids aren’t the newest type of braided hairstyles for black girls, but lately they’ve been going through a new wave of popularity.

Blonde goddess braids are a great choice of a braids style if you want your new hairstyle to project the relaxed summer vibe and beach hair look.

Goddess braids are often decorated by metallic hair accessories that act as a fashion accent for your natural braid styles.

Red is another colour that is traditionally used in goddess braids – it will give you the African queen look many girls try to recreate.

Side braids are one of the newest trends in the world of braided hairstyles for black women, and it’s safe to say they look amazing!

Here is a proof that even plain black goddess braids without any accessories look fantastic if they’re done right.

3. Micro braids

Micro braids are a popular choice for braids for short black hair, but long micro braids look equally beautiful.

Here is the example of the thinnest braids you’ve likely seen in your life that look simply fabulous.

And here are possibly the longest micro braids we’ve seen lately – just imagine how long they took to create!

Another example of side braids, this time with tiny and cute micro braids in a solid black colour.

These blonde micro braids have been nicknamed Lemonade braids in honour of Beyonce’s iconic look.

Add a splash of bright magenta colour to your micro braids and rock one of the most popular micro braids styles of the summer!

4. Big braids

In many regards, big braid styles are the complete opposite of micro braids, but they look as fashionable and authentic as any other braid hairstyles.

If you have natural hair and want to try black hair braids, here is a proof that you can get big braids even without any styling products.

Combine your love for cornrows with your interest for big braids with this cute hairstyle of 2018!

Thick, luscious braids with colourful highlights and golden hair accessories – what can be better for this summer?

Red hair colour looks fabulous on black women, whether it’s a bright shade of red or a subdued mahogany colour like in this hairstyle.

Half-up, half-down styles can be done on all kinds of braids, but they look especially great when paired with gorgeous big braid styles.

5. Twist braids

If you’re in doubt over which one of the twist braids styles to choose, start with simple yet chick mid-length twist braids.

Big twists may be more challenging to take care of, but the result is more than worth it.

For a rich, voluminous look of your twist braids, pair two contrasting colours in your new hairstyle.

Thin twists are even more suitable for summer than thick twist braids we’ve seen before.

If you want to look edgier and trendier this summer, the easiest way to upgrade twist braids is to use a bright shade that no one can miss – this sapphire blue is one of the best options.

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