How Old Are You? Try Out The True Body Age Calculator!

Your real biological age has nothing to do with the year you were born and how many candles your last birthday cake had. Biological age is an indication of how old your body really is and it can have a crucial effect on your health. Find everything about biological age right now!

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1. What is biological age?

How often have you met someone and thought they were in their mid-50s only to find out that they have just turned 40? The reverse situation, where you think someone is much younger than they really are, are also very common.

This kind of confusion happens due to the difference that exists between the chronological (calendar) age, or the exact number of years a person has been alive for, and the biological age, the average age of his body and appearance.

2. Factors affecting your biological age

Biological age is a very complex notion that has hundreds of different factors affecting it. That is why two people with the same calendar age will likely have completely different biological ages. Here are the factors with the biggest influence on your biological age.

1. Heredity

One of the most important conditions for living a long and healthy life is the history of your family. Hereditary diseases negatively affect your biological age and life expectancy, while having family members that lived to 80 years and more significantly improves your chances of staying healthy longer.

2. Location

The place you live in has a much bigger effect on your biological age than you might think! Living in a clean environment with plenty of fresh, high quality produce and water, with low crime stats and many facilities will extend your life expectancy and slow down the aging processes in your body.

3. Stress and sleep

Being constantly under stress and routinely not getting enough sleep not only makes your biological age prospects worse, but also negatively affects every aspect of your current life. Getting help with stress and insomnia is one of the most important steps to take to improve your biological age.

4. Habits

It’s no secret that bad habits like alcohol consumption and smoking lead to a variety of potentially deadly diseases. Even if these habits don’t have an immediate effect on your life, they will definitely increase your biological age, leading to your body aging faster.

3. How to reduce your biological age

The bad news is that anyone’s biological age will likely suffer from today’s living condition, but the good news is that you can do some easy things to reduce it by as much as 10 years! Here are some tips for shaving some years off your biological age:

  1. Eat a vegetable-based diet: thanks to the high content of nutrients, vegetables positively affect every system in your body.
  2. Exercise more. Even a 30-minute workout will improve your blood flow, delivering the nutrients to every part of the body and allowing you to maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Cut the sugar. Reducing the amount of adding sugar you add to your diet will slow down the aging process – the natural sugars from fruits are more than enough for your health.
  4. It goes without saying that if you want to enjoy the perks of having the biological age lower than your calendar age, the bad habits like drinking and smoking need to go!
  5. A minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night are essential for allowing your body to rejuvenate itself and age at a slower rate.

4. Test your biological age

Ready to find out how old your body really is? Take this simple 2-minute quiz to know your exact biological age and once you know the number, you can always improve it using the tips above!

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