Popcorn Business In Nigeria: How To Start

Popcorn business may not be the first thing that jumps to mind when you’re thinking about starting a lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital, but this idea has a lot of potential. Find out the details of starting a popcorn business in Nigeria!

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1. Popcorn production in Nigeria

You’ve probably seen popcorn sellers in crowded areas of your city, but those sellers don’t make the popcorn themselves. There is someone with a popcorn maker machine and other equipment who produces large quantities of popcorn that is then sold in the streets.

Popcorn is a very lucrative business in Nigeria, but it’s also rather competitive. It means that you need a good popcorn business plan, where you will calculate your investments and design methods for making your business succeed.

2. What you’ll need

In order to learn how to start a popcorn business, you need to know what kind of equipment and materials you’ll need and how much you’ll need to spend. How much does a popcorn machine cost? Find out from this list:

  • Popcorn machine. How much is a popcorn machine? You can get the cheapest gas-powered popcorn machine for about ₦20,000, while an electric popcorn maker will cost you about ₦80,000. If you want to build a large-scale business, go for an industrial popcorn maker that can make sweet and salted popcorn at the same time and costs from ₦200,000 to ₦500,000. Check the popcorn machine price in Nigeria on Jiji!
  • Corn. The quality of the corn kernels has a huge effect on the success of your business. Low-quality kernels not only taste mediocre, but they also produce a lot of duds – kernels that never pop due to the lack of moisture. Find a reputable bulk corn seller!
  • Butter, sugar, salt. These ingredients of popcorn making are very easy to get – shop from the sellers in your nearby market and try to negotiate a better price for a bulk purchase.
  • Sealing machine. There are mechanical and automatic sealing machines; mechanical will cost you about 10,000, while the automatic machine costs around 80,000. Automatic machines are more efficient and easier to operate.
  • Branded nylon bags. To make your business stand out, it’s essential to brand your popcorn bags. Pay a professional graphics designer to create an appealing logo, create a memorable name for your business, and include your contact information on the package.

3. How to make popcorn in Nigeria

The best way to learn how to make sweet popcorn in a popcorn maker is to go through training from someone with a lot of experience in the business. They will teach you not only the basics of popcorn making, but even the less known secrets – for example, how to make milk popcorn.

One of the most effective ways to distribute your popcorn is to hire street sellers – you can start with 10 sellers with 50 bags of popcorn a day for each. They will sell each bag for ₦100, you will pay them ₦30 for each bag sold, and each bag costs about ₦40 to produce. It means you can can have a pure profit of ₦30 from each bag, or ₦15,000 per day.

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