Most Reliable Cars: The Top 10

We all look for different features and parameters when deciding which car to buy, but car reliability is one of the universal requirements for a new ride. Choose from the most reliable used cars with our top 10 car reliability list.

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1. Toyota Sienna

Unsurprisingly, one of the most reliable car brands of all time is Toyota, which you will see again on our list of the most reliable cars 2017. The Sienna is a safe, impressively designed, practical, and very reliable minivan that is the perfect choice for any family. Shop the Toyota Sienna in Nigeria on Jiji.

2. Toyota 4Runner

SUVs are often featured as the most reliable cars in Nigeria, but few of the SUV models have achieved the recognition level of the Toyota 4Runner. There are many factors that make the 4Runner one of the most reliable cars, but, most importantly, its truck design and off-road abilities. Buy one of the most most reliable cars 2016, the Toyota 4Runner from Jiji.

3. Ford F-150

Ford has always been among the top reliable car brands, but the F-150 pickup truck has broken every record for reliability. As one of the most reliable used cars, the Ford F-150 has sold over a million units since 1948, which is the best proof of its popularity with buyers. Find your own Ford F-150 on Jiji.

4. Toyota Corolla

The legendary Toyota Corolla is not only the best-selling car model in history, it’s also one of the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria. You can find the Corolla on any top 10 most reliable cars, which not surprising – it’s safe, easy to repair, and can successfully run for years. Buy your Toyota Corolla from Jiji.

5. Honda CR-V

Unlike the Toyota 4Runner, the Honda CR-V sports a much more car-like design with soft features and refined driving characteristics. However, the CR-V’s dependability and effortless maintenance made it one of the top 10 most reliable cars ever. Shop used Honda CR-V on Jiji.

6. Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius achieved fame as the car that popularized hybrid engines, but at the same time it’s known both as one of the most reliable Toyota cars and most reliable cheap cars. The combination of fuel efficiency, affordable price, and reliability made the Prius a truly hit model. Buy your cheap Toyota Prius on Jiji.

7. Honda Civic

Like many popular Toyota models, the Honda Civic belongs to the most reliable sedans in Nigeria. What exactly makes the Civic one of the best reliable used cars? Most importantly, it’s low running costs, exceptional durability of the systems, and outstanding safety characteristics. Find cheap Honda Civic cars on Jiji.

8. Toyota Highlander

The number one on any top 10 reliable car brands is Toyota, and one of its most reliable models on offer is the midsize SUV Toyota Highlander. The Highlander may not be one of the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria, but it makes up for its steep price with comfort, safety, and reliability. Your new Toyota Highlander is waiting for you on Jiji!

9. Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one of the models that brought Honda a spot among the most reliable car brands. Sleek, versatile, safe, reliable, and simply a pleasure to look at and to drive, the Honda Accord has captivated the hearts of Nigerian drivers ever since it was released. Check out the best Honda Accord offers on Jiji.

10. Toyota Camry

The sixth Toyota on our list of reliable cars is the Toyota Camry, a car that has dominated the midsize sedan class for several decades. Buyers love the Camry not only for its impressive durability, but also for outstanding build quality and super comfortable ride. Shop used Toyota Camry on Jiji.

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