How To Do Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey eye makeup is a powerful look: when done right, smokey eyes can look appropriate in every situation. If you’re thinking of recreating smokey eye on dark skin, you’re in luck, because our how to do smokey eye makeup – step by step tutorial is here!

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1. Prep your skin

You can’t learn how to do a smokey eye if you don’t take care of your skin first. Assuming you’ve washed off yesterday’s makeup before going to sleep, your morning beauty routine should be simple: cleanse your skin and apply an SPF moisturizer.

Pay special attention to your eye area: even the best smokey eye makeup won’t look great on dry skin. Many women have two eye creams: an oil-based cream for the evening and a light gel formula for the morning to keep the sensitive skin under your eyes moisturized and tender.

2. Apply foundation and concealer

One of the first makeup tips you need to know for learning how to apply smokey eye makeup is that it requires your skin to be absolutely perfect. Apply a layer of your favourite foundation to your face – depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose powder, stick, mousse, or liquid foundation.

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The next important step in our smokey eyeshadow tutorial is applying concealer to the under eye area to hide any dark circles and make eye bags less visible. Use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation for an especially fresh and youthful look.

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3. Apply eyeshadow primer

The next tip in our smokey eye tutorial step by step is optional, but it can both intensify the look of your smokey eyes makeup and make it last longer. Eyeshadow primer takes seconds to apply, but it’s the answer to the question: how to get smoky eyes to stay all day?

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4. Smokey eye makeup tutorial: the top 3

There is no single universal way of how to do smokey eyeshadow, because different colours of smokey makeup serve different purposes. Here are the top 3 tutorials on how to do smokey eyes makeup, from an everyday to the most dramatic version.

1. Pink smokey eye

This version of smokey eye makeup for brown eyes is the most subtle way to enjoy trendy smokey eyes. It looks great in a professional setting and is a good fit for any lip colour. Here you’ll need pink and gold eyeshadow and your favourite eyeliner.

What makes this tutorial on how to apply eye makeup different is that it uses tape for flawless eyeliner application – with this tip your eyeliner will always look on point! Here is how to apply eyeshadow step by step pictures.

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2. Bronze smokey eye

If you want to learn how to apply smokey eyeshadow in a way that would allow you to easily transform your makeup look from daytime to evening, consider this bronze smokey eye look. By choosing slightly deeper shades for your makeup, you can make this look much more dramatic.

To recreate this smokey eye makeup, you will need bronze and chocolate eyeshadow. This tutorial also uses a helpful makeup trick – applying nude eyeliner to your lower eyelid to make your eyes look larger and less tired.

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3. Black smokey eye

Want to know how to smokey eye to make everyone jealous of your makeup look? Then this classic black smokey eye tutorial is exactly what you need! This version of smokey eye is rather dramatic and heavy, which makes it better suited for evening makeup.

To try this look, all you need is black eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Remember that black eyeshadow requires an eyeshadow primer to look its best! How to make smokey eyes even more stylish? Add a touch of glitter to the inner corner of the eye!

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