How To Start The Engine With A Dead Battery Without Using Jumper Cable

A dead battery is one of the worst unexpected things that can happen to a driver, which is why it’s a good idea to have jumper cables with you at all times. However, even if you left your jump starter and are now standing near a dead car in the middle of nowhere, don’t worry – here is how to start a car with a dead battery.

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1. How to start a manual car

If you belong to the drivers who prefer cars with manual transmission, you’re in luck, because there are several practical ideas for what to do when your car battery is flat. The first thing to do when you’re learning how to jumpstart a car is to determine whether the battery is actually the problem:

  • Put the key in the ignition and see whether the dashboard lights up – even a dead battery will produce a little light for the dashboard.
  • Try and turn on the car. What kind of noise do you hear? Slow cranks mean the battery is dead, but fast cranks are a sign that the battery is alright and the car won’t start for another reason.

If you’ve determined that the battery is the reason why your car won’t start, here are three methods of how to boost car battery without cables when you have a manual car.

1. Use a battery charger

If you’re a seasoned driver, you should already have a battery charger somewhere in your car for emergency situations. How to boost a dead car battery using a battery charger? Simply plug the charger into a power source and attach it to the battery. It will take a couple of hours for the battery to charge enough to take you to the nearest car mechanic.

2. Use a solar charger

If you don’t want to feel lost when deciding what to do when your car battery dies, get a solar car battery charger. It’s a rather modern device that is quickly becoming a must-have for jump starting a car without jumper cables.

Wondering how to jump a battery without another car? Simply plug your solar charger into the cigarette lighter point and put the solar panel on your car’s dashboard or wherever it receives the most sunlight. Wait for about an hour – that should be enough to start car without battery cables.

3. Use a downhill terrain

Sometimes even the terrain you’re driving in can be your solution for how to boost a battery – as long as you’re driving down a hill. To use this method, you will need help from your passengers or other drivers who will stop to help you.

Get into the driver’s seat and ask the people to push your car forward. Now your job is to remove your foot off the brake, release the handbrake, and press the clutch for the car to move while also turning the key in the ignition.

2. How to start an automatic car

These three methods have proven to be the most effective ones for how to start a car with manual transmission when the battery is dead. If you want to know how to jump start auto car, most of those methods won’t work.

However, there is at least one solution for cars with automatic transmission for how to start dead battery car. Simply repeat the method #3 for manual cars – push the car down the road while simultaneously attempting to initiate your car’s engine. In most cases, this solution on how to reconnect a car battery will work and you will safely get to your destination.

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