Toyota Corolla 2006 Model: Features, Model Line, Driving Experience

Although Toyota Corolla 2006 model appeared on the market over a decade ago, it is still one of the most popular car models. Toyota Corolla 2006 is a compact sedan with 130 horsepowers and automatic or manual gearbox – depending on your preferences.

2006 Toyota Corolla specs, as well as Toyota Corolla 2006 price, depend on a particular model. The lineup includes quite diverse vehicles – with sporty and more traditional appearance, advanced and standard multimedia features, etc. If you are looking for 2006 Toyota Corolla for sale, here’s what you should know.


The majority will say that 2006 Corolla is a typical car with boring design and mediocre specifications. In other words, it is completely ordinary. To buy Toyota 2006 model means to forget about bluff and aggressive driving style. But let’s be honest: this is not what you’re looking for.

Toyota Corolla, which appeared on the market in 2006, is still on the list of top popular sedans. Moreover, the model line is quite diverse. Drivers will get convenient interior, reliability, maneuverability in city environment, and quite pleasant exterior look.

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Model line

It was already mentioned that 2006 Toyota Corolla sport specs differ depending on a particular model. Toyota Corolla 2006 automatic vs manual options come almost in all vehicles of the line. Here are the most popular models and their outstanding features.

2006 Toyota Corolla specs

  • 2006 Toyota Corolla S: both manual and automatic transmission options are available; sporty look; integrated fog lamps; excellent body aerodynamics; color-keyed front; leather steering wheel finishing; Enhanced Power Package; keyless entry; cruise control.
  • 2006 Toyota Corolla CE: base trim in the lineup; 4-speed transmission in models with automatic gearbox; 5-speed transmission in manual version; power-steering; advanced air conditioning system.
  • Toyota Corolla Sport 2006: sporty design; excellent maneuverability; 164 horsepowers; 6-speed transmission (manual); adapted steering; 16’’ wheels; specific interior trim; cruise control; anti-lock brakes.
  • Toyota Corolla sedan 2006: 126 horsepowers; fair performance; anti-lock brakes; ABS steering assistance; stability control; several complectation options.
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 hatchback is not available. Consider buying sedan or another model, for instance, Toyota Matrix.


Toyota Corolla 2006 is a compact car that is sometimes confused with Camry. It has got curly shape with a bunky bumper and a long wheel base, – easy to climb in and out. Meanwhile, wheel wells do not stick into rear doors as it often happens with compact city models.

15’’ steel wheels come in a standard kit, but they can be replaced by bigger wheels or tyres. The S trim level is distinguished by sporty spoiler with headlamps masking and distinguished fog lamps. Rocket panels are body-colored. To make a long story short, the car is simple but catchy.


2006 Toyota Corolla specs

Toyota Corolla 2006 interior has enough space to let all passengers feel comfortable. Drivers admit excellent ergonomics: everything is within easy reach. Only magnitola controls will make you lean a bit to turn it louder. However, even you can easily handle even this inconvenience by upgrading a steering wheel.

Seats are covered with black fabric that blots. It is not the best solution for family cars – you’ll need cases to keep the interior clean. Front seats can be regulated in three dimensions. Convenient climate control features make every drive is even better.

All information on the dashboard is clearly visible. What is more important, it is practical and informative. Brightness can adjusted to light conditions. All drives are quite – noises are isolated. Drivers can enjoy perfect vision – mirrors are selected and placed to minimize distractions.

Speaking about disadvantages, they are certainly less numerous. For instance, you can’t open/close the window after the key off. It would be great if this feature have remained unlocked for a while. Also, the current transmission status is not displayed on the dashboard.

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2006 Toyota Corolla engine is low-maintenance and quite fuel efficient. 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine is simple and reliable. It is not very demanding, but using high-quality fuel will help it to last longer. Refuel at tested petrol stations. Caring attitude allows changing oil and filters every 10,000 km.

Disadvantages of engine are rather features than troublesome moments. Firstly, it is more noisy due to the chain gearing valve control system. Secondly, you may feel vibration when driving at no load, but it doesn’t influence exploitation in general.  Thirdly, you can warm it up only on the go.

2006 Toyota Corolla specs

Gearbox & transmission

Automatic gearbox and fluid transmission is a standard kit, which lasts without maintenance for around 10,000 km. There is a magic OneDrive button, which turns off the fourth speed. It is a useful feature for overtaking on the highway, especially when you drive with passengers.

Good old four-step automatic gearbox works seamlessly and efficiently. Although sometimes you feel when the speed is switched over, it doesn’t create discomfort.  Kickdown also functions well, boosting the engine to 5,000 turn at the moment you press a foot pedal.

Steering control

Almost always you’ll hear rattling when passing small roughness, even at low speed. Nevertheless, it is just sound. Electric power steering works without interruption. Steering wheel is light and easy to manage, although it becomes heavier when you gain the speed.

Drivers admit that the car easily returns to straight road even after abrupt turn without any bumping or spinning. Steering wheel is very precise and works without delays. This car is perfect for driving around the city – enough powerful and maneuverable.

Driving experience

Following up on the discussion, Toyota Corolla 2006 is easy and pleasant to drive in the city, but not the best on the highway. You may find it difficult to handle in windy weather, because the car is rather compact and light. Nevertheless, you’ll be still comfortable at 110-120 kmph.

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Safety & reliability

Toyota Corolla 2006 is a vehicle, which requires little maintenance. In case you need to replace something, you won’t find it difficult to find necessary details. Needless to remind about passengers’ safety. Toyota has gained reputation of reliable family car – with sustainable construction, side-impact and curtain airbags.

2006 Toyota Corolla specs


Toyota Corolla 2006 model price starts from N 800,000. It depends in several factors, including color, operational kilometers, specific model, basic kit, accidents or their absence etc. What we know for sure is that you can buy this car at affordable price on Jiji.


2006 Corolla owners admit that this vehicle is a real gift with a bunch of pros and benefits. It is easy to drive and maintain. It doesn’t consume much fuel. It is enabled with all necessary multimedia features. The car received ultimate stability and safety kit. Finally, Toyota Corolla price is good news for the majority. If you are hesitating whether to buy it or not, just stop hesitating.