Toyota Picnic 2005 Review

While Toyota cars are famously versatile, there were not too many MPVs in its lineup until the Toyota Picnic. The Picnic car was already a success, but 2005 was a particularly good year for the model. Find out everything you need to know about this car from our Toyota Picnic 2005 review!

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1. Toyota Picnic history

The Toyota Picnic was launched in 1996 as the brand’s only mid-size MPV at the time. The Picnic was based on the Toyota Carina, but the build and the specs of the vehicle are nothing like Toyota has done before.

Ever since its launch, the Toyota Picnic has enjoyed steady sales all over the world. The Picnic became known as the Ipsum and Sports Van, but in 2001, when the Toyota Avensis debuted, the Picnic became often referred to as the Toyota Avensis Verso.

2. Toyota Picnic 2005 specification

So what exactly does the Toyota Picnic 2005 have in store for its buyers? Before searching for the Toyota Picnic for sale, take a look at its specs in detail.

  • Engine: 2.0L, 4 cylinders
  • Horsepower: 150
  • Torque: 192Nm
  • Turning circle: 11m
  • Curb weight: 1540kg
  • Gross weight: 2185kg
  • Cargo capacity: 645kg
  • Number of seats: 7
  • Number of rows: 3
  • Drive type: front wheel drive
  • Transmission: automatic/manual
  • Number of speeds: 4/5
  • Fuel type: petrol/diesel
  • Fuel tank capacity: 60L
  • Combined fuel consumption: 9.7L/100km

3. Toyota Picnic review

The Toyota Picnic specs are more than respectable for 2005, but how exactly do they translate into the driving conditions of today? The 2005 Picnic is the result of a facelift, which gave the buyers new headlights, bumpers, and a number of other visual and performance changes.

Both the petrol and the diesel engines offered for the Toyota Picnic delivers decent performance, while the Toyota Picnic fuel consumption of 9.7L per 100km is more than fair for its cargo and seating capacity.

The comfortable seats, practical interior and exterior, and generous cargo space made the Toyota Picnic a desirable choice for families, while the foldable third row of seats made it possible to use the Picnic for business purposes – for example, for carrying cargo.

The Toyota Picnic was available in several trim levels. If you’re lucky enough to find the GS or GLS version of the 2005 Picnic, you will get a car that has air conditioning, satellite navigation, roof rails, 15″ alloy wheels, stability control, twin airbags, and leather trim for the interior.

4. Toyota Picnic 2005 price in Nigeria

The Toyota Picnic is definitely a good option if you’re looking for a sensible MPV and don’t want to overpay for the more famous MPVs like the Renault Scenic – the only question remaining is whether the Toyota Picnic price makes this purchase worthwhile.

The price of a used Toyota Picnic in Nigeria can largely depend on the production year and condition of the car. On average, your new Toyota Picnic 2005 will cost from ₦1 million to ₦1.5 million for a vehicle in an optimum condition. Find your own Toyota Picnic on Jiji!

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