How To Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria

We all get very attached to our mobile phones, which is why the fear of getting it stolen or lost is not just about the financial damages, but also about having all your photos, contacts, messages, and other information disappear. Find out how to track a stolen phone in Nigeria in the most popular ways.

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1. How to track a stolen iPhone

If you own an iOS device – an iPhone or an iPad – and have lost it, you’re probably wondering how to track a stolen phone. The good news is that Apple has taken care of its users who misplace their devices by creating the “Find My iPhone” feature that can be found at

With the help of this feature, and as long as your iCloud account is active, you can log on to the web version of the app and track down its location so that you know where to look for it. You can also remotely erase all data from your phone if you suspect you’ll never get it back.

Another important feature of Find My iPhone is its ability to remotely lock the device – in that case the person that has your phone won’t be able to access your device and will instead see a notification that the phone is lost along with your emergency contact number.

2. How to track a stolen Android phone

If your Android phone or tablet has gone missing, don’t lose hope yet, because like Apple, Google has created a solution for its users. The solution is called “Find My Device” and can be accessed online at The first thing to do is to block your phone. How to block a stolen Infinix phone? Use the “Find My Device” menu!

Here you need to act quickly, because the person who stole or found your phone can simply log out of your Google account and you won’t be able to do anything else. You can run a sound alarm remotely or remove all data from your phone.

Even if the account has already been disabled, you can try one last thing – go to Your Timeline tab on Google Maps, and the system will display the last location where your phone with your account was active. This information can help you track down your device.

3. How to track phone with IMEI

If you hadn’t had any luck tracking down your lost or stolen phone with the help of the methods described above, or if you have a smartphone with an alternative operating system like Windows OS, we’re going to teach you how to track phone using IMEI.

IMEI is a 15-digit code that is unique on every device. You can retrieve the IMEI code from the package of your phone, on the back of the device, underneath the battery, or simply dial *#06# on any OS. Write down and save the IMEI code in case you lose your phone.

It’s not easy to track stolen phone with IMEI number, but you can get help from law enforcement. How to track lost android phone using imei number? File a crime report with the police and ask them for assistance in locating your stolen device.

Alternatively, you can also refer to the databases of stolen devices. These Nigerian and international websites are created by users in order to limit theft of mobile phones. How to track lost mobile with IMEI number? Simply enter your IMEI code and check whether there is any information on your device in the database.

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