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4 Bedroom Bungalow Architectural Design: Top Ideas

4 bedroom house plans

4 bedroom architectural designs reflect the most fashionable trends in the architecture of The private real estate around the world. Hollywood stars and successful businessmen choose the style of a bungalow for the construction of their homes.

This is especially relevant if you live on the coast and resort area in the mountains. The exterior of such buildings always looks extraordinary and brand-new!

We have prepared for you the best architectural designs for 4 bedroom bungalow – inspire and build the house of your dreams!

4 bedroom architectural designs

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1. 4 bedroom house architectural design: bungalow rules

  • the horizontal orientation of the building, sometimes with an attic;
  • elegant rustic decoration, finishing of architectural elements with cobblestones and bricks;
  • the maximum part of the area is occupied by a residential area, a bathroom, a kitchen and other non-residential areas are located around it;
  • simple minimalistic design – minimum details, conciseness, primitive forms of furniture made of straw, bamboo, lightweight construction;
  • the palette of a bungalow is the «color of the desert»: white sugar, sand, golden sunset, a saturated blue sky, dried stems of plants – these are your color patterns;
  • an interesting idea for the 4 bedroom house architectural design: if the bedrooms in the house are faced to the different corners of the Earth, they can be decorated in the appropriate styles;
  • choose the polished wood as a perfect color solution;
  • use fabric, interior paint, wallpaper, plaster for the decoration of walls;
  • antique furniture helps make the new homes warmer.

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architectural designs for 4 bedroom bungalow

2. 4 bedroom bungalow architectural design ideas

  • Loft

These houses usually have typical walls of red and white brick without plaster. The typical but yet proven solutions for these houses are the panoramic glazing, beautiful woods, and gable roofs.

4 bedroom house architectural design

  • Scandinavian houses

Eco-friendly, perfectly fitting into the green landscape, created from natural wood, with beautiful panoramic glazing – this is a real dream of adherents of a healthy lifestyle!

4 bedroom bungalow architectural design

  • Mediterranean style

If you have money, this style is for just you! These buildings are usually made of concrete or brick, finished with plaster of warm colors and have a tiled roof. Particular attention is paid to homesteads made of marble.

4 bedroom bungalow design in Nigeria

  • A house in a tropical style

If you are a tropical traveler, choose a country house in a tropical style, similar to a Bali’s bungalows to settle down. Decorate the surrounding territory with tropical plants and palm trees, and soon you will realize that you do not need to fly several thousand kilometers to see the tropics!

4 bedroom house plans

  • Minimalism

Being inconspicuous outside? This building is a luxurious mansion from the inside! Such house with panoramic glazing looks ultra-modern, is not very expensive in terms of caring.

By the way, the backyard bushes look especially colorful here.

4 bedroom architectural designs

  • Art Deco style

Art Deco is a style for those who want a luxurious family life and have already achieved the success. This architectural style is characterized by smooth curves, ornate decor on the facade and the use of contrasting colors that are separated by clear lines.

You can often see columns and stone decoration here.

architectural designs for 4 bedroom bungalow

  • Ecohouse

Such buildings are usually made of natural wood both inside and outside. It is supplemented by the installation of solar panels for generating electricity, various systems for cleaning water and air, advanced waste disposal and even windmills for additional electricity supply.

4 bedroom house architectural design

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3. 4 bedroom bungalow design in Nigeria: top ideas

4. 4 bedroom house plans

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