The Best Colours To Wear For Your Skin Tone

There are many things to take into account when picking your perfect wardrobe, and skin tone is one of the most important ones. Find out what the best colours for dark skin are and how to include them into your personal style!

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1. Sapphire blue

Blue is one of the best color clothes for brown skin, but not every shade of blue will do – sapphire blue or cobalt shades work best. Those colours are vibrant on their own, but they simply light up when worn on dark skin.

2. Pink

Pink is the ultimate feminine colour, but it’s also often named among the best colors for dark skinned people. The most suitable shades of pink to wear with brown skin are dark, rich pink tones – magenta, fuchsia, rose pink and smokey pink are your best options.

3. Red

If you’re wondering what colors look good with brown skin, you’ve probably already considered red. Red has dozens of different shades that can all look equally gorgeous on dark skin. Whether it’s the fresh berry red or a fiery crimson red, you’re guaranteed to look your best in red!

4. Yellow

Yellow is one of the most controversial clothing colors for dark skin: some believe it’s not easy to find a complementary shade of yellow for brown skin. The truth is that it’s best to stay away from cool yellow tones, but warm or bright colours like lemon, mustard, honey, and lemon can do wonders for your skin!

5. White

White is the most popular shirt colour for dark skin, and for a good reason – any shade of white you can imagine looks fabulous on brown skin. Bright, snow white tones are a great choice for a summer outfit, eggshell can be your go-to work colour, and ivory looks so good in lace outfits!

6. Orange

Orange is another one of the colors for brown skin tone that often confuses fashionistas. With orange, it’s all about the shade. A bright, mango-coloured dress may not be the best thing to wear to office, but a burnt orange blouse with your favourite jeans is a trendy and stylish dress colour combination for dark skin.

7. Green

Green is a colour every dark-skinned lady needs to embrace! Cool shades of green like mint and lime green look gorgeous both in outfits and in accessories, while dark, jewel-toned green shades can be successfully used in all kinds of outfits, from office looks to wedding guest wear.

8. Purple

Purple can be very complementary to brown skin, but the trick is to pick the right shade. Go for darker, rich shades of purple, but don’t completely ignore lighter purple shades like lavender and orchid. Just don’t go too hard on bright, neon purple tones!

9. 4 colours to avoid

There are many colors that go with brown skin, but there are also a few shades that it’s best to stay away from. They won’t do your colouring any favours and can even make your skin look ashy, which is definitely something you want to avoid. Here are 4 colours that should be worn with caution by dark-skinned girls:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Brown

Of course, there are exception to this rule: for example, black is the standard colour of office and athlete wear, while many Hollywood and Nollywood celebrities have worn silver to great success. If you really like a garment in one of those four colours, try it on – maybe it’ll become the best thing you’ve ever worn!

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