Best Companies To Work For In Nigeria 2018

When it comes to career choices, we put all jokes aside. Choosing a right job is a complicated task, which is going to influence your life significantly. By picking what you like from the list of companies in Nigeria you don’t just define your future income.

An average person spends 8 hours per day in office. Our health and well-being greatly depends on the working conditions and people surrounding us during the day. There is hardly a person willing to become another grumbler, who hates Mondays.

So maybe it is time to check out the best companies to work for in Nigeria in 2018? Here are five best places to work in Nigeria and criteria used to prepare the rating. Maybe, you’ll consider joining one of them soon.

TOP companies in Nigeria

#5. Access Bank

The multinational commercial bank with headquarters in Lagos is in the list of most reliable finance providers and the best employers. It is present in Nigeria for almost 30 years, becoming sustainable and socially responsible corporation.

#4. Union Bank

This is one of the oldest commercial banks in the country, which has been delivering high-quality services for about 100 years – since 1917. It is the full-scale bank, serving individuals and businesses. Gaining the reputation of the most trusted banking partner encourages UB to introduce innovative smart solutions.

#3. Courteville

This financial advisory institution can showcase enough successful projects to leave anyone impresses. For over 20 years, it has been developing web solutions for motor vehicle industry. Courteville’s purpose is to remain the leader in highly technical solutions and alliances.

#2. United Bank for Africa

The headquarters of African best bank group is located in Lagos. In addition to 20 African countries, it has offices in London, Paris, and New York. Starting career at UBA means you join the 70 years of experience, get ready to challenging tasks, and receive a chance to work abroad!


Welcome the leader among the best companies in Nigeria. The international corporation that specializes in software development also shows outstanding achievements in online education and recruitment. ANDELA challenged itself to bring up the new generation of tech leaders and does everything to achieve this goal.

top companies in nigeria


If you have come to the logical question by this time – how did they pick the best companies to work for in Nigeria – you are right to ask. The annual list was prepared Jobberman, the resource that organized the survey and summed it up in a rating.

Numerous factors were taken into consideration:

  • individual satisfaction with a job;
  • overall rate of happiness among employees;
  • career prospects & opportunities for development;
  • work & personal life balance;
  • welfare & security;
  • healthy internal culture;
  • mobility & sustainability;
  • diversity.

Both Nigerian companies and multinationally owned corporations were included on the list.