Best Gas Cooker In Nigeria: Buying Guide

The purchase of a gas cooker is not something you should take lightly: a bad gas cooker can not only make the cooking process harder, but also become a safety hazard. Luckily, the cooking gas business in Nigeria is on the rise, and here is a guide on finding the best gas cooker in Nigeria.

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1. Types of gas cookers

The variety of gas cookers today allows you to make the right choice not only for your budget, but also for your needs. Here are 4 types of gas cookers you can find in the Nigerian market today:

  • Table top cookers are the most common type of cookers right now. They can be easily installed and operated, and have between 1 and 4 burners, although most cookers are equipped with 2 burners.
  • Portable gas cookers are not the best choice for regular home cooking, but they can be very helpful for traveling, camping, living on student camps, or going on business trips.
  • Free standing cookers are very functional and often have an oven and other additional features, but they also have a big drawback, which is their size. You may have trouble placing a free standing cooker in a tiny kitchen, and cleaning it is also a challenging task.
  • Built-in gas cookers usually come with ovens or even two oven units. They don’t take much space since they are built into your kitchen counters, and they can cook large quantities of food at once, but the built-in gas cooker prices are rather steep.

2. How to choose a gas cooker

When making a choice of a gas cooker, it’s important to take into account not only the prices of gas cooker in Nigeria, but also how well they can fit into your lifestyle. Here is what you need to consider when buying a gas cooker:

  1. How much are you planning to cook? In case of buying a gas cooker, less is more. You need to buy a cooker with as little burners as you can. For example, a family of 2-4 people will hardly need more than 2 burners, while a single person that cooks from time to time can get away with a tiny one-burner cooker.
  2. Which equipment do you already own? If you have a complete kitchen and only need to replace your old gas cooker, look for affordable cookers with limited functionality. However, if you’re looking to completely upgrade your kitchen with the most functional device, consider a gas cooker with oven and grill.
  3. How much space do you have in your kitchen? You can easily fit a table top cooker pretty much on any surface in your kitchen, but free standing cookers and built-in cookers require a lot of planning and choosing the right location.

3. Gas cooker prices in Nigeria

After you’ve decided on the type of cooker you want to buy, there is only one question left: how much is gas cooker? The price depends not only on the type and features of the device, but also the brand behind the cooker. Here are top 5 models you can buy in Nigeria right now:

  • The lowest table top gas cooker prices in Nigeria are for the Sonik SHP S11 Single Burner Hot Plate – 3,000.
  • A typical Scanfrost gas cooker is a free standing device. Scanfrost gas cooker prices in Nigeria start at 45,000 for a 4-burner cooker.
  • There is an LG gas cooker for every budget: you can buy a 4-burner table top cooker for 9,500, while LG gas cooker with oven prices in Nigeria start at 50,000.
  • You can buy a portable gas cooker with a single burner for just ₦9,000.
  • Thermocool is a premium home appliance brand, which is why the prices of Thermocool gas cooker in Nigeria are not exactly low – a 4-burner free standing cooker with oven costs from 80,000.

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