Guinea Styles For Male: 22 Fresh Looks

Guinea cloth styles are among the most recognizable ones in Nigerian fashion. You can spot a Guinea brocade look from afar, and this fabric and style in clothing is equally loved by men and women. Check out 22 latest Guinea styles for male!

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1. White Guinea

One of the most popular varieties of Guinea fashion style is a crisp white Guinea outfit, which is not at all surprising – white suits everyone and can be worn on any occasion.

2. Pastel pink Guinea

Pink is getting more and more common in men’s fashion and we couldn’t be happier: every man rocking pink Guinea clothes deserves maximum fashion points!

3. White Guinea with embroidery

Adding embroidery to Guinea brocade styles for men is an easy way to elevate the whole look: in this case the embroidery looks subtle but is very noticeable.

4. Brown Guinea

Guinea styles for male are a very popular choice when it comes to wedding guest outfits, and even a plain brown Guinea style looks very handsome.

5. Blue Guinea with embroidery

The embroidery on the best Guinea looks is not always subtle and monochrome – when you want to truly stand out, nothing works better than contrasting and colourful embroidery.

6. Green Guinea

Guinea is a very versatile fabric that is used in numerous Nigerian fashion styles for men, and this green Agbada is a great example.

7. Blue and black Guinea

Guinea is one of the few traditional materials that looks equally great as part of a wedding outfit and a casual shirt that you can wear with your favourite jeans.

8. Orange and blue Guinea

Colourful Guinea styles for men are now in vogue, so don’t miss this opportunity to rock brightly coloured Guinea brocade outfits!

9. Dark blue Guinea

Guinea is a great choice for so many native Nigerian outfits – just look at this stylish dark blue Guinea brocade kaftan with silver embroidery!

10. Light blue and gold Guinea

Gold is a colour that is featured in many latest Guinea styles, but if you’re not ready to go for a full Guinea look, try delicate golden embroidery.

11. Black and blue Guinea

The colour blocking trend finally made its way to traditional men’s fashion – now you can rock two colours in your Guinea look like a fashion pro!

12. Striped Guinea

Take advantage of the timeless striped pattern when designing your next Guinea shirt and trousers for an especially elegant look.

13. Blue embroidered Guinea

Embroidery does miracles for plain-coloured Guinea outfits, giving them a unique touch and making the wearer stand out from the crowd.

14. Beige Guinea

Want to look like African royalty at the next event you’re attending? Consider beige Guinea with embroidery!

15. Black Guinea with patches

If a plain white Guinea outfit is not your cup of tea, spice it up with a contrasting patch of fabric – patterns work great in this situation.

16. Patterned red Guinea

For a man who is not afraid to rock a pop of colour, a red patterned Guinea outfit seems like the best choice!

17. Purple Guinea

Purple is not a colour we see to often on Nigerian men, which only makes the next Guinea look with golden embroidery more impressive.

18. Black Guinea

A total black outfit is always a bold move, and this black Guinea look with black accessories is definitely a success.

19. Blue striped Guinea

This dark blue Guinea outfit with a striped pattern is one of the most elegant renditions of the Guinea style we’ve seen this year.

20. Red Guinea

Wondering how to make your solid-coloured Guinea outfit stand out? Add a contrasting pocket square to become the best-dressed guest at any event!

21. Purple and gold Guinea

Purple and gold seems to be one of the hottest colour combinations in men’s fashion of 2018, and for a good reason!

22. Black Guinea with stripes

Even the smallest colourful detail can take an all-black Guinea look to the next level – for example, a couple of stripes!

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